At Oleum Cottage, we believe our skin is an outward reflection of our physical and mental wellbeing. So we strongly advocate a lifestyle of healthy eating and healthy living. What you apply on your skin and scalp is an important part of a healthy lifestyle, and that’s what we bring to you.

Oleum Cottage’s mission was simple: to become a household name for healthy and beautiful skin, accessible to all corners of the nation. However, as the brand evolved, so did the challenges it faced in the ever-expanding digital marketplace. Join us as we explore Oleum Cottage’s remarkable transformation, uncovering the hurdles it encountered, the strategies it employed to overcome them, and the pivotal role played by Razorpay Magic Checkout in enhancing its online presence and customer experience through this insightful Magic Checkout case study.

About Oleum Cottage- Their Journey to Radiant Skin and Holistic Wellness

Oleum Cottage emerges as a beacon of holistic wellness, blending ancient wisdom with modern science to offer transformative beauty solutions. Established in 2017, the brand embarked on a journey to redefine the skincare experience with a vision to empower individuals through personalized rituals and foster self-confidence. 

Oleum Cottage commenced its journey as a store-like experiential brand, capturing the essence of luxurious skincare rituals. In 2021, amid the surge of direct-to-consumer (D2C) strategies, the brand recognized the need for adaptation. Specializing in essential oil-infused skincare and haircare products, the brand caters to a diverse array of skin concerns, from psoriasis and eczema to common irregularities like pigmentation and signs of aging.

Product Range and Philosophy

At the heart of Oleum Cottage’s philosophy lies a comprehensive approach to skincare, viewing it as a harmonious interplay of physical and mental well-being. Championing healthy living, the brand believes in the profound impact of what is applied to the skin and scalp on overall wellness. Their formulations, meticulously crafted from the finest cold-pressed oils and therapeutic-grade essential oils, epitomize a fusion of ancient traditions and contemporary research. Originating from bespoke skincare solutions in Bandra and Powai, Mumbai, the brand has expanded its reach to offer a comprehensive range accessible through its website and prominent marketplaces like Amazon and Nykaa.

Our formulations are made with the purest quality of cold pressed oils and therapeutic grade essential oils, even our cremes and lotions. And that’s what makes Oleum Cottage skincare a class apart. Our team of expert aromatherapists combines ancient wisdom with modern research to develop powerful remedies for various skin concerns. Kasturi D, Founder and CEO of Oleum Cottage. 

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The Hurdle: Oleum Cottage’s Lengthy Checkout Process

Despite Oleum Cottage’s unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction, they encountered a significant obstacle in their quest to provide customers with a shopping experience similar to Amazon. The primary issue stemmed from their checkout system, which was causing frustration and leading to an increase in abandoned purchases. Upon closer examination, it became evident that the root of the problem lay in the checkout process itself.

One of the main pain points was the lengthiness of the checkout forms. Customers were required to spend a considerable amount of time filling out these forms, with each form taking anywhere from 1.5 to 3 minutes to complete. This prolonged process inevitably led to frustration and impatience among customers, resulting in an increased likelihood of abandoned carts and lost sales.

Recognizing the critical need to simplify and expedite the checkout process, the brand undertook a mission to address these issues head-on. Their goal was to eliminate the unnecessary friction associated with lengthy form fills and account creation, ultimately streamlining the checkout experience and enhancing the overall shopping journey for their valued customers.

Enhancing Checkout Efficiency: Oleum Cottage’s Journey with Razorpay Magic Checkout

Seeking a resolution, Oleum Cottage sought guidance from its trusted partner, Razorpay. Upon discovering Razorpay’s one-click checkout solution, Magic, they swiftly took action. Integrating Magic seamlessly into their Shopify store, Oleum Cottage embarked on a transformative journey.

This transition ushered in a new era for the brand, revolutionizing the shopping experience for its customers. With Magic Checkout in place, the checkout process became five times faster, and customer details were automatically prefilled. This remarkable shift was made possible through Razorpay’s vast network, serving over 200 million customers annually.

Not only did this change streamline the shopping experience for Oleum Cottage’s clientele, but it also played a pivotal role in skyrocketing their order conversion rate.

The Impact 

The implementation of Razorpay Magic Checkout yielded remarkable results for Oleum Cottage. Their dedication to prioritizing customer convenience and satisfaction was underscored by a staggering 54% increase in conversion rates.

Kasturi D, Founder and CEO of Oleum Cottage on Magic Checkout

Magic checkout case study - feedback

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