One-click checkout success story: Decorfur boosts its prepaid order share by 3x and reduces the RTO rate by 33%!🚀

Our vision is to create a brand that can provide A-Z interior solutions, starting from designing to product sourcing. We aim to bring the world of products available to everyone’s doorstep.– Decorfur.

Embark on an inspiring Magic Checkout case study as Decorfur establishes itself as a household name in interior design. Explore their triumphs in overcoming obstacles and witness the instrumental role played by Razorpay Magic Checkout in catapulting their success. Experience their extraordinary growth, with a remarkable 3x surge in prepaid order share and a significant 33% reduction in Return to Origin (RTO) rates. Immerse yourself in this captivating narrative and uncover the secrets behind their achievement.

Meet the Decorfur Team 

As architects and interior designers, we were looking for a brand that can provide unlimited options in terms of dĂ©cor, chandeliers, rugs, paintings, etc., to give a complete look to our interior project. This became a massive task for us to curate products since no brand provided a complete solution. That’s when we decided to create a shoppable Pinterest where everything you see online is available at your doorstep.– Ayushi Aggarwal & Advitya Aggarwal, Co-Founders, Decorfur.

Decorfur had their inception five years ago, driven by a keen understanding of the prevailing limitations in the interior design market. Recognizing a void in the availability of diverse product options, the brand set out to redefine the landscape. The brand takes immense pride in its ability to cater to a broad spectrum of interior design needs, whether it be a singular statement piece or comprehensive solutions for entire projects. Their expertise extends to designing exquisite private residences, upscale hotels, and spaces seamlessly blending luxury and comfort.

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The Challenges

A Complicated Checkout 

Decorfur wanted to provide a seamless checkout experience to their customers. But the checkout they were using was asking customers to fill out multiple forms just to be able to purchase from them. This complexity made many customers drop off, inevitably increasing their cart abandonment rates. 

We saw that a lot of customers bouncing back since the payment process was tedious, which led us to Razorpay Magic Checkout.

High Share of COD Orders 

COD orders were increasing day by day for Decorfur. Even though COD is the most preferred payment method in India, COD orders come with multiple business challenges. More COD orders mean more operational hassles, lower working capital, and more Returns To Origin (RTOs). And more RTOs meant additional shipping and inventory handling costs for the brand, impacting their profit margins. 

The Solution 

Razorpay Magic Checkout- 5X Faster, One-Click Checkout

After learning that Razorpay Magic Checkout makes the checkout process 5x faster by pre-filling contact and shipping details for over 50 million users, Decorfur enabled Razorpay Magic Checkout on their Shopify store.  

Razorpay Magic Checkout automatically pre-filled contact and delivery details for Decorfur’s customers, allowing them to complete their purchases 5x faster. This led to a significant drop in their cart abandonment rate and a 25% increment in revenue owing to higher conversion rates. 

Magic Checkout’s COD Intelligence algorithm analyzed each COD order and it automatically disabled the COD option for high-risk users where the propensity to RTO is high based on customers’ historic RTO patterns across hundreds of brands in the Magic Checkout network. This led to more users opting for prepaid methods over COD.

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The Impact

One-click checkout impact on Decorfur

Decorfur on Razorpay Magic Checkout 

Magic Checkout case study <> Decorfur's testimonial

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