“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest” – Benjamin Franklin.

There’s a beautiful shloka in Sanskrit that portrays the position of guru (a teacher) above God. For, teachers are the ones who hold the hand of a student and guide them to the right path. 

There is a lot of momentum that has happened in the field of education in the past few months, due to the pandemic. Almost everything came to a pause, and both teachers and students faced unforeseen challenges. Despite all odds, we witnessed that people came together to ensure every student gets quality education while staying indoors.  

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Lido Learning: The game-changer in the world of tuitions

The awesome folks at Lido Learning are reinventing the one-to-many teaching system that is prevalent in our country. They believe that personalised care and attention is a must to keep the human component alive in the world of virtual classes. Their prime focus is to make learning interactive for students by leveraging technology and curating content in the right way. 

There’s a massive market of coaching institutions and tuition centres. However, a student gets limited to a couple of these institutions due to geographical or socio-economic barriers. Lido’s focus is to supplement it with the best technological solution. Lido Learning cuts across geographies to bring together the best tutors and make them accessible to students residing across the country.

Any student studying in standard 4th to 9th in CBSE & ICSE board can avail the benefits of this e-learning platform. With 7000 actively engaged customers, Lido Learning is all set to expand substantially every day, across grades, boards and course offerings! 

How did Lido Learning come into existence?

Sahil Sheth is the founder and CEO of the e-learning startup, Lido Learning. In 2011, while studying for his actuary exams online, Sahil realised how effective e-learning platforms were in providing high-quality content anywhere at any time. 

Sahil was inspired and saw the immense potential in creating a similar platform that could radically improve learning outcomes for students in India. His ideas led to creating Lido Learning as one of the most innovative e-learning platforms in the country! 

The motive, while establishing Lido Learning, was to connect knowledgeable tutors with students to provide them with all the personalised attention they need. Click To Tweet

Data-driven approach to evaluate students performance 

Lido Learning uses in-depth reporting algorithms to track every student’s performance and progress. Multiple evaluative approaches like regular tests and quizzes are recorded and evaluated to understand their impact on the student. Unlike a lot of e-learning platforms, they focus on minute details like the student’s body language, their soft skill development and gestures. 

The periodic tests and assessments, projects and in-class interactions tell the tutor about the positive and negative areas of a student. The teaching is not just limited to LIVE lectures at Lido. The students are sent PDFs to retain and revisit what is taught in the class as well.

Mentoring the tutors to upskill their talent  

With changing times, there rises a need to mentor everyone involved in the field. While improving the tutorial system is Lido Learning’s focus area, they understand the need for timely mentorship to their tutors. 

Currently running a community of nearly 600 tutors, the organisation has tutors from all folds of the country. While they come with prior teaching experience, they are trained once they become a part of the Lido family so that all of them follow the same pattern. 

As per Lido team’s observations, a huge percentage of their tutors have prior teaching experience. They realise that it takes a huge amount of courage to switch from an offline setup to something online, and it’s almost like speaking in different languages. They embrace the dedication that these tutors bring in while accepting this as the future. The tutors at Lido are seen highly dedicated at upskilling themselves. 

There’s a lot of talent in the tutor community residing in the remote areas of our country. With Lido Learning, these tutors are getting a chance to share their knowledge and make a difference in a student’s life. 

There are timely mentorship sessions for all the tutors at Lido. The tutors are taken care of their professional development through regular training and coaching sessions. 

Cutting all the chaos from the teacher’s life

Teaching at Lido is the primary source of income for most of these teachers. 

Unlike a typical day at school for a teacher, which includes maintaining records, taking care of administrative needs, and so on, at Lido, the teacher has to only focus on teaching. This gives them the ability to teach in the best manner while driving all their focus and energy to only one work – education.

It takes a lot of stress off the teachers since the curriculum is already created. There’s a secure virtual classroom, and all they have to do is teach! They can focus on what they prepare, in the form of delivering the content and interacting with the students. 

How did Razorpay help Lido Learning

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Razorpay’s quick onboarding and the excellent support team got them started, and then, there was no looking back. 

The sales team at Lido Learning has been using Razorpay Payment Links to accept payments via email, SMS and WhatsApp. This helps them make the payment collection process quicker and easier.

From the desk of the team that handles payments at Lido, “Be it sending Payment Links or checking settlement reports, the user-friendly UI has made all payments tasks easy.”

COVID-19 & Lido Learning

During our conversation with the team at Lido Learning, they mentioned that while there was an adoption of e-learning platforms in India, it came with a bit of inertia. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world, it pushed people from all folds to embrace e-learning channels and see the benefits of it. 

The unforeseen situation has helped people break the apprehension they had when it came to virtual learning, and almost every student is seen experiencing e-learning in some form or other. 

New education policy and Lido Learning’s plan

The content and syllabus that the tutors at Lido Learning follow are very closely mapped with what happens in schools. The tutors at Lido Learning are trained to give real-life problems to the student so that they get practical knowledge of the respective subject. 

They look forward to adapting and matching whatever is going to be happening with the new education policy. They also believe that with lesser stress on testing and more focus on cultivating skills, they will be able to add more value to every individual student’s life. 

In conclusion

Knowledge is one of the most essential pillars of human life, and Lido Learning is trying to bridge the long-existing gap. While they expand their horizons to touch the lives of students across different grades and boards, wishing Lido teachers and the entire team, a very Happy Teachers’ Day! 

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