Smart Router is now available as a SOLO offering!
Businesses are using the product to achieve a payment success uptick of ~10% 

Ensuring smooth transactions in the world of card payments can be tricky. Sometimes, despite the speed of authorization processes, things can still go awry, leading to declined payments, which can be a real headache for businesses. Enter Optimizer’s smart routing– a solution that guarantees higher success rates on payments. But what exactly is smart routing and how does it work? Let’s break it down.

Understanding Smart Routing Payments

Smart routing payments are like savvy navigators for transactions, finding the best route to increase the chances of approval. Imagine a GPS for payments, but instead of highways and streets, it’s navigating through banks, card issuers, and payment gateways. Using clever algorithms, our smart router figures out the most favorable path for each transaction, bringing the likelihood of failed transactions to an absolute minimum.

How Does Smart Routing Work?

Here’s the scoop on how smart routing operates: Smart Router grants access to multiple payment gateways and chooses the most suitable one for each transaction. Factors like location, payment method, currency, and even the amount being transacted are considered to ensure the smoothest journey possible. Especially during busy periods, when one gateway might be overwhelmed, smart routing seamlessly diverts transactions to less congested alternatives.

Introducing Cascading Payments

Now, let’s talk about cascading payments, another neat feature in smart routing systems. Picture this: if a transaction fails, cascading payments step in to swiftly find another route. Like a backup plan kicking into action, it analyzes the transaction data and tries alternative payment options to increase the chances of approval. This not only boosts the percentage of successful transactions but also helps retain customers who might otherwise be put off by failed payments.


The Benefits of Smart Routing

So, what’s in it for businesses like you? Here’s a rundown of the perks:

  • Spike in payments success rates owing to robust decision-making 
  • Reduced currency exchange fees by selecting the best regional gateway for foreign transactions.
  • Improved customer satisfaction and retention rates by simplifying the payment process.
  • Enhanced reliability in the checkout process for both customers and merchants.
Should You Opt for a Smart Routing Payment Gateway?

Given these benefits, it’s a no-brainer to opt for smart routing technology. Whether your business operates internationally or handles high transaction volumes, smart routing can work wonders.

What is so special about Optimizer’s Smart Routing technology?
  • Data-Driven Precision

Our Smart Router solution is not built by taking a shot in the dark; it meticulously considers over 600 million data points from payments processed in the last 6 months. By doing so, it becomes your strategic advisor, suggesting the ideal payment gateway for your upcoming transactions. Our smart router works fast as compared to other routing solutions and guarantees a payment spike of 10% or more within the first few weeks of usage.

Our robust AI-powered models are designed by using years of Razorpay payments intelligence, which automatically gives us an edge over our competitors.

  • Versatile Integration Options

Businesses can seamlessly incorporate the Smart Router into their operations through Optimizer’s SDK offering or opt for a Server-to-Server API.

  • Plug and Play

The Smart Router is not here to disrupt; instead, it seamlessly operates on top of all popular payment solutions, including Optimizer. This “Plug and Play” solution ensures that businesses can enhance their payment routing without the need for extensive overhauls or disruptions to existing systems. 

  • Merchant Autonomy

Unlike any other industry solution, our smart router allows you to have complete control over payments. Our ML models are custom-trained on your data, so that increases the success of a transaction by over 10%.

Smart Router (Solo) operates on top of all popular payment solutions: Optimizer, Juspay, Inai, PayU, Cashfree, etc. 
Make the most out of Smart Router
Eliminate payment failures. Secure 5x more transactions. ELIMINATES SINGLE POINT OF DEPENDENCY ON OPTIMIZER INFRA
Initiate direct payments to PGs effortlessly, in the case of Opti downtimes.ZERO ADDITIONAL TECH INVESTMENTS
Ditch additional tech investments on backups for payment processing.

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