Razorpay Trusted Business WidgetIn the world of e-commerce, success resonates through positive customer experiences and flawless transactions. As a business owner navigating this dynamic digital landscape, there’s nothing quite as exhilarating as seeing your brand shine. Similarly, there’s nothing quite as disheartening as witnessing increasing drop-offs. 

While online shopping platforms are frequented by a myriad of casual browsers, disproportionate drop-off rates may be caused by factors such as a shopper visiting your  website for the first time, a lack of familiarity with your brand, or inherent skepticism surrounding online payment processes. Ultimately, it all boils down to trust. 

When someone lands on your website, they’re on the lookout for signs they can trust. People do their homework – checking out different sources, comparing options, and sizing up merchants before diving into a website. That’s where trust becomes a crucial part of the journey, and that’s where the Razorpay Trusted Business Widget steps in as a digital assurance that quietly tells your customers, “Your time here is secure, and your transactions are in dependable hands.”

Assure Authenticity Effortlessly

In a world where online trust can feel like walking on a tightrope, especially with fraudulent activities and unknown brands, Razorpay Trusted Business Widget is an innovation badge that instills confidence in your customers. 

Razorpay Trusted Business Widget interface for mobile

Embedded seamlessly on your website, the widget serves as a testament to your business’s authenticity and the uncompromising quality of your products or services. This isn’t just about preventing drop-offs; it’s a proactive approach to cultivating trust in an environment where transparency and reliability are paramount. 

Your customers deserve more than just a transaction; they deserve an experience fortified by the confidence that their safety and satisfaction are non-negotiable priorities. The Razorpay Trusted Business Widget is the conduit through which your commitment to excellence is communicated, setting the stage for an online shopping experience characterized by trust, security, and uninterrupted transactions.

Integrate social proof and usher in those coveted sales!

Razorpay Trusted Business Widget interface for desktop

  • Choose your display area

Guide visitors seamlessly through their product exploration, instilling confidence at every step. Strategically positioning our trust symbol on relevant pages ensures that users feel reassured and informed, minimizing drop-offs along the way. By aligning the widget with the distinct touchpoints of the consumer journey, you not only affirm their presence at the right destination but also communicate the added support and security they can expect from Razorpay.

  • Validate your legitimacy

The interactive widget serves as a gateway for customers to access vital authentication details such as KYC approval, risk-check clearance, and dispute resolution support.

Razorpay Trusted Business Widget badge

Freely presenting your business verification details to shoppers shows that you’re willing to go the extra mile to help them believe in you. 

  • Smart-design that allows customized display

The widget is flexible, automatically adjusting its content and size based on the user’s screen, configurations, and interaction history with your site. This personalized adaptation ensures that each viewer experiences the widget in a way that optimally enhances their shopping journey.

  • Get started instantly

The RTB-Widget app on Shopify is super-quick and easy to install. Seamlessly activate it yourself and eliminate the hassle of obtaining technical expertise. 

RTB-Widget app on Shopify

Shops built on native code enjoy a similarly simple activation process. 

Just locate the code for the area you want to display the widget and follow these simple instructions to launch your customized widget! 

  •       The test run is on us

When it comes to trust, we believe in walking the talk. Implement your widget and witness how it benefits your business first-hand before committing to a long-term plan. 

The Sweet Part of The Deal

  • Bigger orders

The heightened sense of trust not only fosters customer loyalty but also encourages them to proceed with their purchases, ultimately leading to a significant boost in orders for merchants who integrate this emblem of trust into their online platforms.

The ease of online payments eliminates uncertainties tied to Cash on Delivery (COD) orders and increases the overall value of each purchase. Simplifying this journey from a customer’s cart to their hands translates into a fantastic customer experience, boosting conversions by up to 10%.

Razorpay Trusted Business Widget metrics

  • Less drop-offs

Cart abandonment is often fueled by concerns about sharing personal or financial data online. Razorpay Trusted Business tackles this issue by enhancing security, with the badge serving as a testament to secure transactions. 

This aligns with your goal of building trust and encouraging hesitant visitors to confidently complete their purchases.

  • Brand recognition

Shoppers show an overwhelming amount of preference for companies they recognize, making it paramount to cultivate a memorable brand image. Razorpay understands that the effort that goes into establishing trust is worthwhile when you see happy customers and booming sales.

Over 300 million people engage with Razorpay payment interfaces annually, signifying that approximately 75% of Indians who make online payments have completed transactions via  Razorpay. Thankfully, that makes us a familiar name in the game. 

Integrating the Widget allows your customers to witness a trusted enterprise vouch for you and dispel their fears regarding digital safety and payment security.

 In a nutshell

Razorpay Trusted Business Widget becomes a tangible testament to your commitment to providing a secure online shopping experience.

By integrating it, you’re not just ensuring payment safety; you’re elevating your brand as a reliable authority, guiding shoppers as they navigate the dynamic realm of e-commerce. This widget is more than a feature, it’s a declaration of your dedication to fostering a digital environment where customers can shop with confidence and peace of mind. 

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