In today’s digital era, consumers increasingly favor online experiences due to their sheer agility and convenience. With shoppers effectively making the transition to online shopping, responding to the changing landscape of retail emerges as the need of the hour. 

In this regard, integrating lightning-fast and ultra-convenient ways of payment is a fail-safe way to ensure that clicks change into conversions without wasting a second. 

In the fiscal year 2022-2023, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) reports that the utilization of credit cards has surpassed that of debit cards, with the latter falling by just over 13 percent in the financial year 2022-23 to 34,179 lakhs. Meanwhile, the credit card volume has increased by 47.4 percent on-year to Rs 14.3 lakh crore in FY23.

This shift towards credit card usage over debit cards signals a noteworthy trend in consumer behavior. For businesses, creating a native credit card payment gateway becomes more than a strategic move; it becomes a direct response to the evolving needs and preferences of the customer base. 

As credit cards make waves in the finance realm and the “buy now, pay later” trend gains momentum, it’s high time to rethink how you accept credit card payments. But, if you caught wind of this already, kudos for staying ahead of the curve!

As for the next stride in perfecting your credit card payments…You’re now one step closer to revolutionizing your credit card payment gateway.

Introducing Razorpay Direct-Credit Cards for Shopify

A game-changing upgrade for your Shopify store! With Razorpay Direct – Credit Cards, your customers can now effortlessly make credit card payments directly on your Shopify page. No more detours to a hosted checkout page, and definitely no annoying redirections for card transactions! Embrace a seamlessly streamlined shopping experience for your customers, and enjoy a stress-free integration process for yourself.

Online shoppers demonstrate an immense amount of whimsy in their shopping plans, with a whopping 30% of U.S. respondents saying that they would halt a purchase if their preferred payment method wasn’t accepted or if the checkout interface was too complex. (Baymard, 2023 survey)

Multiple redirections to payment gateway screens, payment method listings, or the bank’s site disrupts the smooth flow your customers were enjoying. Suddenly, it’s not such a seamless experience anymore—it’s a detour, and that often means abandoned shopping carts and unnecessary drop-offs.

With Razorpay Direct-Credit Cards, businesses can now collect credit card payments right on their own websites. This means a familiar interface for users, with everything in one place from start to finish. No more navigating to new pages—just a straightforward and unified experience for businesses and customers alike. 

Revamp your credit card payments with Razorpay 

Do away with long and winding checkout paths…

Current card payment flow on Shopify

And integrate a super-fast, sophisticated unified payment journey for customers.

New card payment flow with Razorpay Direct Credit Cards


By integrating the Razorpay onsite app, merchants can transcend conventional hosted checkout methods, presenting a user experience that is both streamlined and hassle-free. Razorpay Direct-Credit Cards will reduce friction in the checkout process, promising a more user-friendly transaction journey.

This pivotal shift from payment complexity to simplicity goes beyond mere convenience; it’s a strategic response to a prevalent issue in e-commerce—customer drop-offs during transactions.

Why should you upgrade to native credit card payment with Razorpay?

As payment preferences evolve, having a native credit card payment system demonstrates your business’s adaptability to current trends. This is crucial for staying competitive and meeting the changing expectations of consumers. 

  • Higher conversion rate

With Razorpay Direct-Credit Cards, you can streamline your checkout process and reduce the steps customers need to take to complete a transaction. This minimizes friction and can lead to higher conversion rates up to 10%.

  • Improved customer experience

A seamless and integrated credit card payment experience will enhance the overall customer satisfaction. When customers can make payments without being redirected to external pages, it contributes to a positive perception of the merchant.

  • Reduced cart abandonment

By minimizing redirections and creating a smoother payment process, native credit card payments will help you reduce cart abandonment rates. Customers are more likely to complete transactions when the payment experience is efficient and user-friendly.

  • Higher transaction values

Credit card users often have higher spending limits compared to debit card users. With Razorpay’s native credit card payment system you can cater to customers with greater buying power, potentially leading to higher transaction values.

  • Global transactions

Credit cards are often preferred for international transactions. A native credit card payment gateway will enable your businesses to go global, expanding your reach beyond domestic markets.

  •  Increased success rates

The streamlined approach of Razorpay-Direct Credit Cards allows consumers to easily navigate from product selection to payment completion without being redirected to external pages. The direct, in-house payment process ensures that users remain engaged and committed throughout, leading to a higher conversion rate. 

Effortless upgrade and seamless integration

  • Zero third-party redirections

The Razorpay Direct – Credit Card app erases the need for third-party redirections to payment gateway hosted checkout pages and creates a self-hosted cohesive payment experience for credit card users.

  •  Accept native payments

The app lets Shopify brands accept onsite payments on their own Shopify page instead of Razorpay’s standard payment page, which strengthens the brand’s credibility to the consumer.

  • Faster checkout

A directly accessible credit card payment interface provides a crisp checkout experience instead of having to navigate the entire payments page, reducing the chances of cart abandonment.

  • Two-step integration

One of the best things about Razorpay Direct is that it delivers efficiency on all fronts. Merchants can access the app through the Shopify app store or Shopify dashboard, authenticate their existing Razorpay usage, and voila! It’s done.

  •  No additional charges

Existing Razorpay gateway users benefit from seamlessly integrating Razorpay Direct Credit at no extra cost. This integration enhances payment versatility, providing the swift and convenient option of direct credit card transactions. With no additional charges, businesses can effortlessly leverage this enhanced feature, adding a valuable dimension to their payment options without affecting their budget.

To sum it up

Shopping online is all about snagging great products and enjoying a seamless experience, especially for big-ticket purchases. A lengthy and complicated payment process throws a wrench into the shopping spree. Therefore, adapting to the ever-changing market is the name of the game. 

In the dynamic landscape of rising credit card usage and the growing importance of user experience in the e-commerce business, Razorpay Direct Credit Cards stand out as the strategic solution to blend the best of both worlds. 

By seamlessly integrating with the upward trend in credit card transactions and maintaining a steadfast commitment to user-centric design, Razorpay Direct Credit Cards not only keep up with industry changes but also establish a new benchmark for straightforward, efficient, and user-friendly payment experiences.

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