Fintech has been pivotal in bringing out a change in the development of new technologies and innovations in the financial sector. This includes the rise of digitalisation that has transformed payments and banking. 

Digital transformation has opened a window to a whole new world of virtual communication and payments, where one can access the services of various financial institutions through the click of a button. Hence, many believe fintech will play a major role in the proceeding stage of economic development. 

But what is the sustainability of such an intervention? Will fintech thrive in an ecosystem of constant innovation? Is fintech here for the long term? 

These were some of the questions along with some additional insights and candid conversations that formed the main agenda of FTX 2020, where we reimagined, reinvented, and rebuilt fintech and turned ideas into reality during India’s largest fintech conference on December 18-19. 

This time, we are back with the 4th edition of this exhilarating virtual conference on December 9-10, where we celebrate the innovation of fintech, various milestones, success stories, and unravel some game-changing technologies. It’s time for every business to thrive. 

Let us zip through some excitement that is in store for you! 

100+ Speakers

10,000+ Attendees 5,000+ Businesses Panel Discussions Product Launches

50+ Sessions 


The main agenda

The year 2021 has been very challenging for India, and while most businesses suffered greatly due to the pandemic, there were a handful of industries that rose to the challenge, and fintech was at the forefront of that.

While many businesses were pushed to their limits and were facing existential crises,  several disruptors emerged from these hurdles. In this new age of technology, a new wave of disruptors is transforming the business and economic landscape of India. In this FTX, we will be focussing on how these disruptors can transform India through innovation. 

All the Razors want FTX 2021 to reverberate with the feeling of disruption! We invite individuals to have a tunnel vision of their businesses while we empower these disruptors with a state-of-the-art financial ecosystem.

Let’s Disrupt. Together”. 

Who should attend FTX 2021?


Startups Tech Enthusiasts Enterprises Product Enthusiasts Bankers



This is more than just a virtual conference

We are committed to helping you make the most of your time with us at FTX. So, apart from the two days of action-packed keynotes, fireside chats, panel discussions, and awards to the disruptors – we’ve got something for everyone!

  • Hackathon 

After its resounding success in last year’s FTX, we are back with another virtual hackathon where you can not just test your limits and go beyond but also win the chance to showcase your ideas and innovations at India’s largest fintech Conference – FTX 2021!

2021 has witnessed a revolution in the adoption of many digital processes. Hence, we are welcoming the most innovative fintech minds to the hackathon. Whether you are a designer, a developer, student, product manager – do join us for the FTX hackathon where we reimagine the future of fintech. 

  • Masterclasses

Do you want to deep dive into real-world business hurdles, play around with innovations and processes, participate in candid conversations with our Razors, and more? Our Masterclasses are just for you! Razorpay Masterclass is a virtual experience that gives the viewers the opportunity to learn from various Product “gurus” at Razorpay. 

Here’s a snippet of what topics we’ll be covering in our Masterclasses:

Unlock Growth

Don’t just bank, now startup bank  Enabling changemakers Offering customers seamless and secure card payments (TokenHQ) Building a future-ready payments stack (Optimizer)
Enabling India Inc. to sell to the world (Cross Border) Subscription-based business models: The Growth Catalyst Supercharge your business growth with the Razorpay Partnerships Program Build your MVPs faster using No-Code tools – Razorpay Rize

Accelerate growth: bridge the gap between banking and finance


Participate to make a difference! 

All proceeds from the ticketing will directly go to the Child Rights and You Foundation (CRY)

About CRY foundation:

Over the past 41 years, CRY has been ensuring happier childhoods and rallying Indian’s to act for the country’s children, while working on all aspects of children’s rights that include education, nutrition, healthcare, child labour, and, contributing to public policy to ensure that their voices are heard and considered.


GOLD (INR 999)


We will ensure that your seat is reserved at FTX 2021!  You get an exclusive goodie bag along with your seat at FTX 2021!

You also assist in helping children get access to various mental health and personal development support 

Along with a goodie bag, you stand a chance to meet the leaders at Razorpay!

You also help in bridging the gap between schools and children that face learning hurdles due to the ongoing pandemic 


Soon after registering, you will receive your ticket to your registered email address. You then receive a link that will redirect you to the conference check-in page with your registered email address.

FTX has challenged the notion of other global fintech conferences thanks to our game-changing technologies, endless networking opportunities, unfiltered insights & conversations, access to the latest fintech innovations, and of course, a whole lot of fun. 

Hence, we cannot wait to host and meet you virtually on the 9-10 of December, where you will get a chance to unravel and soak in the beauty of India’s largest fintech event! Once again, Let’s Disrupt Together! 


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