A report by climateaction.org states that paper receipts consume over 8333 trees, 25 million gallons of water, and generate over 8 million pounds of solid waste every day! Traditional paper bills don’t just harm the environment, they also impact your business.

For your customers, the traditional paper bills are often a source of frustration and inconvenience.  Paper bills are prone to being misplaced or lost, leading to unnecessary stress and hassle in tracking down crucial payment information in case of returns, exchanges or warranties. Moreover, the practice of relying on paper bills is outdated and extremely out of touch with consumer expectations.

For a retailer like you, the challenges of maintaining a physical inventory of bills entails a significant operational burden, requiring dedicated resources. Additionally, processing returns and exchanges are a pain, since you will need to search for the corresponding bill and verify details manually. Furthermore, the environmental impact of printing and distributing paper bills cannot be overlooked.

In the hustle and bustle of modern commerce, every aspect of business operations is weighed in for efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Traditional paper bills do not simply cut it anymore. 

Is there a solution?

Yes! Electronic receipts. Imagine a world where your customers can access bills through a simple text on their smartphone, at the click of a button. Well,  that is exactly what electronic receipts do. But that’s not all. Thanks to RazorpayBillme, your digital bills can now do so much more than a regular electronic receipt!

Introducing RazorpayBillme

RazorpayBillme redefines how you send bills and conduct your post-purchase interactions with your customers.

Transform your business with RazorpayBillme

RazorpayBillme isn’t just your run-of-the-mill digital billing platform – it is a game-changer for businesses of all shapes and sizes.  RazorpayBillme offers a user-friendly interface along with a robust set of digital billing tools, a data platform, a retention suite, and an omnichannel CRM. Now your bill isn’t just a bill but a valuable engagement tool that can drive repeat business.

RazorpayBillme can integrate with any POS system in less than 10 minutes and you can start sending bills directly to your customers’ mobile phones almost immediately!

RazorpayBillme’s digital bill will help you gather more information about your customers, bring down operational costs, and keep customers engaged while demonstrating that your brand is  environmentally conscious. The digital bill enables you  to collect customer contact information at checkout and is key to understanding your customer.

Why RazorpayBillme’s digital bill?

You can send your customers a bill over SMS, Email, WhatsApp or through a web/app notification. By leveraging RazorpayBillme’s digital bill, you can:

  • Enhance brand recall and leave a lasting impression on your customers. 
  • Cross-sell enticing personalised offers and promotions directly on the bill.
  • Get deeper customer insights with surveys and feedback

Think about it, through a WhatsApp message or an email, you have a greater chance of leaving an impact on your customers’ future buying behaviour. The simple message you send with the bill could drive better sales and improve customer retention.

What does a digital bill look like?

The digital bill can be customised to depict your brand and speak your brand’s language. Here are some elements that you can include in your brand’s digital bill.

  • Multiple personalised touchpoints – To display sales, offers, discounts and more! This can be a pop-up, a banner or just an irresistible offer!
  • Tax invoice – Include a 100% GST-compliant invoice
  • Surveys – Get feedback directly from the customer
  • Download button – Customers can directly download the bill or app

Auto fetch pre-built with Razorpay POS

Using RazorpayBillme’s auto fetch feature, you can auto-populate your repeat customer’s phone number and directly fetch the number associated with the payment method. This reduces the errors in data entry by cashiers and the time taken to process a bill. You can hence enhance your customer’s buying experience making it completely seamless.

Customer data platform

Managing customer data from different channels and gaining insights to understand customers is a tedious task without the right solution. Well with our solution, you don’t have to worry about any of this anymore. Here’s why

  • All your customer data from your websites and offline stores gets aggregated into a single platform. 
  • With 50+ detailed attributes, you can define unlimited customer segments. 
  • You can create segments based on historical data or real-time behaviour/actions.
  • Plan tailored post-purchase engagement activities to targeted customer segments

This way, you can classify all the data you hold into clear segments and get powerful insights to plan your customer engagement better. You can choose from a range of engagement mediums like Surveys, Coupons, WhatsApp messages and more, for personalised engagement of your customers and drive return purchases. 

Using the data collected from customers, you can transform how you interact with your customers and work towards improved customer retention. If you’re wondering how you should go about with customer engagement activities, well, we have your back.

 Retention suite and CRM capabilities

A customer’s experience at every touch point in the purchase journey decides if they return to your business. To make the most of it, you need to lay out clear engagement & retention strategies through a multi-channel approach. RazorpayBillme helps you create this journey and automate it, so you don’t have to manually do it. Here’s what’s included.

  • SMS Marketing – Automate and streamline SMS-related tasks from one dashboard.
  • Email Creation and Marketing – Create, send and manage personalised emails with offers, products, surveys & more.
  • WhatsApp Marketing – Benefit from establishing a direct WhatsApp connection with your customers.
  • Coupon code generator and distributor – Generate and share coupons to run exclusive campaigns and improve customer loyalty.
  • Survey Builder – Create, manage and run surveys to know your customer’s pulse.
  • Auto engagementCreate tailored post-purchase engagement journeys for multiple customer segments, fostering long-term loyalty. 

Well, that was a quick overview of everything RazorpayBillme has to offer. Stay tuned to this space for detailed information. Join the digital revolution with RazorpayBillme and say goodbye to paper bills for good! Now, are you ready to empower your business with the power of digital bills?

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