With the advent of technology, the landscape of billing has undergone a remarkable transformation. Gone are the days of tedious paper bills and manual data entry. Today, businesses are embracing innovative solutions to streamline their billing processes and deliver unparalleled convenience to their customers. In this era of digitalization, RazorpayBillme is leading the charge towards a future where billing is digital, effortless, and accurate.

Well. RazorpayBillme promised to innovate digital billing, and here is yet another game-changing feature to enhance your customers’ in-store shopping experience.  In a world where innovation drives efficiency, RazorpayBillme introduces Auto Fetch, a game-changing feature that will make your customers’ in-store transactions seamless. 

Inaccurate Customer Data: A challenge for businesses

Here are the challenges that businesses like you face:

  • Errors in data collection: Manual errors by the cashier or the customer sharing incorrect number leads to incorrect data being recorded
  • Ineffective targeting and low retention: Incorrect data will lead to ineffective targeting as the campaigns wouldn’t reach the right customer. This will result in low engagement and hence less retention
  • Less-than-perfect customer experience: The customer needs to repeat their phone number at every repeat purchase which makes the checkout experience longer and cumbersome.

We have a solution for this. 

Introducing RazorpayBillMe Auto Fetch: Say goodbye to manual customer data collection

As a repeat customer completes their purchase and pays digitally through the Razorpay POS, the cashier does not need to ask the customer’s number again. Thanks to Auto Fetch, your customer’s contact details are auto-populated based on historical data and the bill is automatically sent to their phone. This cool new feature eliminates the need for the cashier to manually ask for the customer’s phone number and ensures that the digital bill is sent to the correct phone number.

Whether you’re a small boutique or a multi-store retail chain, auto fetch offers very tangible benefits that translate into real results. By automating a tedious but crucial part of the billing process, businesses can reduce data errors and enhance the shopping experience.

How will RazorpayBillme Auto fetch help your business?

  • Best-in-class data accuracy: Minimize the risk of data entry errors and ensure data integrity through automated data collection
  • Time Efficiency: Invoice generation time is significantly reduced, optimizing operational efficiency and reducing the transaction time
  • Enhanced Customer Experience: Deliver seamless and swift checkout experience for the end customer

How does RazorpayBillme Auto Fetch work?

GIF showing how Auto fetch works

Step 1: The cashier enters the order and the customer pays on the Razorpay POS. 

Step 2: Razorpay POS looks up the customer’s payment method across historical data to fetch their contact information, if it has been saved earlier.

Step 3: The cashier verifies the contact number, takes the customer’s opt-in and sends the digital bill to their phone.

That’s it! The customer’s details are hence automatically populated ensuring your customer has a seamless and swift transaction, with zero* manual data entry errors. 

Auto fetch aims to revolutionize a crucial part of the checkout process by relying on historical data. RazorpayBillme uses automation to help you move beyond traditional billing, offering a more personalized and seamless experience for your customers, and building loyalty and trust.

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