At Razorpay, we are always thinking of ways to make your payment experience better than yesterday. We are always innovating and making improvements to our products, so you can deliver your customers the best online experience there is. 

So, what did we do last month? (Spoiler: A lot.)

Here’s a look back at all that the Razorpay lab churned out – the new features, product updates and improvements that made your payments a whole lot easier. 

Cheers to More Conversions 

  1. CVV-less payments: At Razorpay, we’ve always been ahead of the curve. Here’s yet another industry-first innovation that will allow customers to transact on their saved cards without CVV. This means fewer drop-offs and (you guessed it) more conversions!  
  2. Coupons of choice: Now display coupons of your choice with Razorpay Magic Checkout’s interface as a dropdown. This makes it easier for your users to discover and apply coupons, thereby improving your conversions. 

Amplifying Availability 

  1. Launch of the Bajaj Pay wallet: We take pride in the fact that we provide any and all payment methods available in the market. So when Bajaj Pay was launched, we made sure it was present on our checkout for the benefit of your customers. 

Time to Go Global

  1. Payment Links is now international: Merchants now have the ability to create payment links for any geography by dashboard and API. This will improve the experience for merchants who would like to accept payments internationally. 
  2. Support for 3 decimal currencies: Razorpay is one of the only few payment aggregators in India with an ability to support currencies which have 3 exponents (BHD 4.501) compared to the regular 2 exponent currency ($4.50). Three-decimal currencies are common in the Middle-East, which means Indian exporters now have the ability to expand their business to that market and offer their customers a more convenient and localized payment experience. 

That’s all for now. See you next month!

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