Vendor Management has always been a major pain point for any business that has to deal with multiple suppliers. 

Maintaining multiple spreadsheets with vendor information, keeping track of hundreds of invoices, constantly checking to see if payments are being made on time, manually approving each payment…

Just thinking about it is tedious. 

Vendor Management for small business owners was especially troublesome since they have limited resources and time as compared to larger businesses.

The good news? 

RazorpayX Vendor Payments made vendor management sleek, seamless and super easy, supported by the best tech the market has to offer.

✅ OCR auto-fill technology so you don’t have to manually input every single vendor into your system

✅ Auto-forward invoices in your email inbox directly into your RazorpayX dashboard

✅ Schedule payments so you never have to miss another deadline

✅ Auto-deducting taxes – life is just so much easier when you don’t have to calculate taxes!

✅ And now, there’s even better news.

RazorpayX Vendor Payments is now on the Mobile App!

With Vendor Payments on the app, we’ve taken vendor management to a whole new level. 

RazorpayX mobile app is tailored to help founders manage finances from anywhere, at any time. Monitoring and managing vendors is now so much simpler and more convenient.

  • Approve payments in just a few taps with invoice auto-fill technology
  • Pay vendors directly from your mobile phone in seconds
  • All your vendor payout details in one place
  • Easily search for a particular vendor payment or view all payouts in one place

Don’t miss out – download the RazorpayX Mobile App now.

Get the Mobile App for Free!


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