Dear founder, 

What’s common between you & RazorpayX?

We both love what you do 😉

That is why all of us at RazorpayX keep looking for ways to make your banking (& life) easier. 

So, when 9 out of 10 founders we met, told us that forex funding inflow is slow, complicated & expensive. We knew we had to do something! 

The solution: RazorpayX Forex 

What is RazorpayX Forex? 

Imagine a world where you can get foreign capital transferred to India seamlessly with all the paperwork taken care of. 

Sounds too good to be true? 

Well, this latest offering by RazorpayX enables founders to do just that. Get foreign funding transferred to India with utmost transparency and 100% compliance. 

While the current process of managing funding inflow is time-consuming & stressful, RazorpayX brought in funding & forex experts to help founders deal with all compliance & regulatory issues to provide a service that doesn’t just deliver but delights. 

Why choose RazorpayX Forex?

Most founders feel overwhelmed with the task at hand and for good reason. As: 

  1. A single mistake in the complicated paperwork can lead to funding delays and heavy fines. 
  2. The entire process involves multiple intermediaries & is extremely slow & anxiety-inducing.
  3. The lack of transparency with multiple pre & post-transaction charges & the hefty bill at the end leaves much to be desired during the whole experience.  

Razorpay’s own journey of raising several rounds of funding & facing such complications served as an inspiration behind the inception of our forex service. 

We understand the responsibility of bringing hard-raised money to India and pride ourselves on being a strong ally to founders. This makes our approach different from the usual service providers. We focus on client success and take a consultative approach towards all their forex requirements. Whether it is bringing FDI to India, inward remittance, invoice transfers for service payments or any external commercial borrowing, our experts work with you every step of the way. 

The RazorpayX Advantage: 

Until now, founders had to deal with a broken system for forex. Here’s how RazorpayX is changing it: 

RazorpayX forex

The Result: 

Within the first 3 months of its beta launch, RazorpayX Foreign Services successfully brought 100 Cr forex funds back to India. 

During this time, we’ve served clients like Virohan, Tortoise, Coupl, Shopflo, Phyllo, Appseco, Laundryheap, Farmacko, and Baazarnxt amongst others. Here’s what some of them had to say about the overall experience: 

Founders, now that we’ve fixed forex for you, raise that funding with confidence! 

And remember if you are looking for forex experts, we’re just one email away. 

Write to us at

On that note, cheers to a successful new year! 




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