Business banking. Love it or hate it, there is no way around it. Business owners, finance professionals, and anyone who finds the task of moving money for the business on their able shoulders, will tell you just that.

There are two sides to the business banking coin. The first is functionality – that which makes things happen. The second is ease of use – that which makes lives easier. 

Over the years, business banking has improved incrementally on functionality. With the arrival of Internet banking, core banking solutions, accounts tailored to specific kinds of businesses and the revolution called UPI, it has come a long way. 

It has, however, not caught onto ease of use. And, there’s the rub – it is ease of use that begets delight. 

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We, at RazorpayX, made it our mission to build features that bring both functionality and delight into the lives of those who deal with business finances. 

Here’s a rundown of what we’ve been up to. 

Global Search: one search bar to find it all

Looking for a transaction? 

A UTR number?

A beneficiary? 

A tax challan from sometime last year? 

A vendor’s dues? 

Or anything else at all? 

Let Global Search find it for you. 

Global search lets you fetch the details of all your transactions, all the people you transact with, and historical evidence – the likes of invoices and challans – all with one short query from a single search bar. 

That’s not all.

You can use Global Search to filter out the results you’re looking for based on several parameters, navigate to various sections across the dashboard, and even initiate actions like making a payout or adding a contact.

We bet traditional banking has made you do a lot more for a lot less. But, that ends now.

Watch Global Search in action for yourselves. 

Business banking

Keyboard Shortcuts: Cmd+X to the chase

For those who want to bank seamlessly, without lifting a finger (off the keyboard) – we’ve got news: RazorpayX now lets you do a whole lot, right from your keyboard. 

Click on the ⚡ icon on your dashboard, or hit cmd+K or ctrl+K to open your Quick Menu. Your Quick Menu lets you make payouts, add contacts, and look at your account statement – all at the push of a couple of keys.

With your Quick Menu, you don’t have to head back to the home screen every time you need to perform an action. What’s more – it gives you suggestions based on your recent actions, too!

Want to familiarise yourself with keyboard shortcuts on the dashboard? Hit command+/  or ctrl+/ and get cracking.

business banking

User Access Controls: say goodbye to OTPs

How many of your meetings have OTPs interrupted? 

How much time have you spent, sitting down with your CA, making dozens of payments, one OTP at a time? 


How many times have you wished you could just share your bank account details with your team and have them make payments, but refrained for security reasons? 

For those who use RazorpayX, the answer to all these questions is zero

User Access Control lets you assign roles to members of your team, so they can transact and carry out financial tasks without your intervention, and without you having to share your banking credentials with them. 

Just invite your team to the dashboard and securely delegate tasks to each member, based on the level of access you determine. You can even set approval workflows and approve the activities of your team on the dashboard, on Slack, via the RazorpayX Mobile App, or even on your Apple Watch.

Ready to give up your designation of Chief OTP Officer? 

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Over to you 

In this day and age, why must business banking be something that just “does the job”? Banks and fintech giants are both competing and collaborating to make banking an easy-breezy experience for consumers. Why must businesses be left out?

We thought it unfair. So, we took it upon ourselves to build banking that does more than just the bare minimum. 

We built RazorpayX – banking for startups, by a startup. Banking, not just for the sake of delivering, but banking that comes from a place of empathy. For who better could understand the struggles of new age businesses, than a new age business itself?

Don’t let age-old business banking be a drag for your high-octane venture. 

The future of banking awaits. 

Ready when you are. 


I need more convincing

PS: There’s more where these awesome features came from. Watch this space for news on what’s brewing in the house of RazorpayX!

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