If you’ve been following the Marvel universe you are likely to remember how Jarvis looks out for Iron Man all the time. 

From equipping the suit’s gadgets to navigation and even saving his life when Loki threw him from Stark Tower by deploying the Mark VII armour. At the end of the day, no matter the challenge, Jarvis ensures Iron Man succeeds. 

What if your payments had their very own Jarvis? Looking out for you every time your success rate dips or your payment gateway experiences downtime?

Look no further, because that’s exactly what we’ve designed with India’s first AI-Powered Payments Infinity Router – Razorpay Optimizer. 

What Jarvis is to Iron Man, Razorpay Optimizer is for India’s businesses! 


Introducing Razorpay Optimizer…

We’ve designed India’s First AI-Powered Payments Infinity Router to help you make the smartest routing decisions when working with multiple payment gateways.

Using our solution, businesses can set up their own rules to route transactions to different payment gateways. This helps businesses optimize payment processing costs and ensure higher success rates on transactions. In short, it eliminates payment failures due to gateway downtime, or over-dependence on one single gateway. 

Khilan Haria, SVP & Head of Payments, Product at Razorpay said “As India’s digital payments ecosystem continues to soar, we’re thrilled for the next chapter in the country’s growth journey. Optimizer is born from our relentless payment innovation, leveraging insights from one billion+ transactions. Powered by AI and advanced Machine Learning, we’re not just meeting today’s needs; we’re creating a future-ready payment infrastructure for India that can handle a scale from 5000 transactions per second (TPS) to 10,000 TPS daily by 2024. Yet again we redefine industry standards, optimizing success rates, eliminating downtime, and delivering seamless payment experiences. Our solution empowers businesses of all sizes for unhindered growth, dedicated to overcoming payment complexities and ensuring India remains at the forefront of digital payment innovation.”

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Zero failed payments with Razorpay Optimizer! 

We’ve built Optimizer on the simple premise of ‘limitless possibilities’ . Optimizer is designed for infinite transactions, infinite routing, and infinite scalability to empower businesses as they scale to new heights. 

As per the RBI Index, in India, digital payments grew significantly at 13.24% in FY’23. At the same time Indian businesses lose around 30% revenue due to failed transactions. Once a transaction fails, the end-customer abandons not just the product but the entire website. Nearly 33% of failed transactions are never re-attempted. In an ecosystem where digital payments are heavily relied on, businesses need a more robust solution for their payments infrastructure that can operate at scale. Taking advantage of the power of AI, Razorpay Optimizer is a future-ready payment infrastructure that will help businesses in India handle transactions at a blazing 5000 TPS even during peak loads and and aims to scale to handle 10,000 Transactions Per Second (TPS) daily by 2024. 


This streamlined approach also makes it effortless to integrate new payment gateways and payment methods, relieving you of the burden of maintenance and coding. Optimizer gives you access to over 15 Payment Aggregators and gateways on all payment methods, and provides  support for over 160 international currencies.

Today, businesses have on average, achieved over 10% improvement in SR using Optimizer. And to sweeten the deal, Optimizer’s swift and simple integration ensures that you start routing payments to multiple payment gateways without any delay right from the get-go. 

How does Razorpay Optimizer transform your business?

Now picture a world where the complexities of handling multiple payment gateways seamlessly melt away, and the power to optimize every transaction lies at your fingertips. With Optimizer, you’re not just streamlining payments; you’re revolutionising the way your business operates.

Boosts transaction success rates by 10%: With a robust AI/ML algorithm, Optimizer assess over 600mn+ data points to make one routing decision, and pushes transactions to maximum success. 

Reduces operational costs by 30%: Take advantage of our cost based payment routing logic to save more while routing to the payment gateway of your choice. Use our single-click integrations on Optimizer to save on tech bandwidth and resources. 

Improves customer conversion by 30%: Make failed transactions a thing of the past. Achieve the highest success rate by ensuring a seamless and consistent checkout experience for all  your customers. 

Reduces compliance cost by 40%: Maximise savings with reduced costs related compliance and regulations thanks to Optimizer being 100% compliant right out of the box.  


For telecom giant Airtel, one of the biggest challenges when accepting payments from multiple payment gateways was success rate. Airtel began using Razorpay optimizer and saw a 12% boost in success rate across payment gateways in just a 4 month time period. 

By leveraging Optimizer’s powerful capabilities, Furlenco was able to improve its success rates, reduce transaction failures, and create a seamless payment experience for its customers.

Maximise success rates and boost revenue with Optimizer now! 

Accepting payments from your customers should be the last thing to worry about. Razorpay Optimizer is designed to maximise your success rate and gives you complete control over your payments routing. 

Get ready to accept payments without a single disruption, reduce operational costs, and access real-time insights – all with the industry-first AI-Powered Payments Infinity Router – Razorpay Optimizer. 

Your journey toward efficiency, scale, and being future-proof  starts now.

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