In today’s fast-paced e-commerce landscape, a seamless checkout experience has become the new frontier. While the “Buy Now” button might seem like the final step, for savvy businesses, it’s merely the gateway to a deeper customer connection. The checkout experience, often relegated to a necessary afterthought, holds immense potential to shape customer perception and drive exponential growth.

At Razorpay, we’ve embarked on a mission to unlock this potential. We delved into the science of frictionless conversions, analyzed customer behavior, and prioritized security to craft a revolutionary checkout experience: the brand-new Razorpay Checkout. This isn’t just about shaving seconds off checkout; it’s about redefining the checkout as a strategic touchpoint that fosters trust, boosts conversions, and strengthens your brand identity.

Engineering a Blazing-Fast Checkout Experience

The brand-new Razorpay Checkout is built upon the core principle of one-click checkout simplicity. We’ve harnessed the power of pre-filled addresses and streamlined workflows to reduce the checkout process to a mere 9 seconds. This lightning-fast checkout experience minimises drop-offs, keeps customers engaged, and ultimately leads to increased conversion rates.

But speed is just one piece of the puzzle. We’ve also prioritized fostering trust and security, two pillars essential for a successful checkout experience. Here’s how the brand-new Razorpay Checkout tackles these challenges:

India’s Most Trusted Checkout

Razorpay Checkout- the most trusted checkout in India

First-time shoppers are often hesitant to share their information online. The new Razorpay Checkout integrates seamlessly with the Razorpay Trusted Business Badge, instantly signalling reliability and putting new customers at ease.

Effortless Checkout with Automatic Data Pre-Fill

Razorpay Checkout- Frictionless shopping

There’s no need for manual input. Email addresses, phone numbers, shipping details, and payment information, including OTPs for new customers, are all automatically pre-filled. This simplifies the checkout process, makes it 5x faster, and boosts the conversion rate by 40%. 

Gamified Promotions

Razorpay Checkout- Coupons

Who doesn’t love a good deal? The new Razorpay Checkout allows you to personalize and gamify promotions by offering targeted coupons and discounts directly at checkout. This not only increases customer engagement but also boosts your average order value by 47%.

Your Brand, Reflected in Your Checkout

Razorpay Checkout- your brand on checkout

A seamless checkout experience shouldn’t come at the cost of your brand identity. The new Razorpay Checkout empowers you to customize the entire checkout flow with your brand colours, fonts, and logos. This ensures a consistent and cohesive brand experience, from product browsing to successful purchases, with our lightning-fast checkout experience. 

Intelligent COD (Cash on Delivery)

Razorpay Checkout- COD Intelligence

Cash on Delivery remains a popular payment method in India. However, it can be susceptible to fraudulent orders. Our intelligent COD system utilizes sophisticated algorithms to proactively identify and intercept fraudulent orders at checkout, saving you time, money, and the hassle of managing disputes.

Effortless Checkouts, Soaring Sales: The Razorpay Checkout Advantage

The new Razorpay Checkout isn’t just a product; it’s a strategic investment in your business’s future. By prioritizing speed, security, and brand consistency, you can transform your checkout process from a hurdle to a conversion catalyst.

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