We’re all going through very difficult times right now and both individuals and businesses are doing their best by supplying essential medicines, oxygen, finding beds, and through other multiple ways. 

With a purposeful intent to help those in need in any form, Razorpay has enabled a ‘Donate Now’ feature on the payment checkout page of all its merchants. This allows any Razorpay merchant to nudge its customers to donate any amount after completing their payment. These donations are made to NGOs towards supporting COVID relief campaigns across the country. Within 7 days of launching this simple feature, almost 20 crores have been collected by the partner NGOs through Razorpay’s platform. So far, over 2000 merchants on the Razorpay platform have been able to reach out to millions of citizens. The Razorpay donations page features multiple NGOs involved in a variety of COVID relief campaigns, that citizens can choose to contribute towards.

In the last few days, Razorpay has provided NGOs a free payment page to collect donations, while ensuring zero transaction fees on all donations received on the payment page upto Rs 10 lakh. The amount received will be settled to their accounts on the same day, without any additional charge. NGOs can register through this link bit.ly/3dPf8xw

Razorpay’s donations page allows any individual or business to donate to whichever cause they wish to. For instance, Adarsh Sharma, a startup employee from Gurgaon was able to unify his MBA batch within half a day to collectively donate 5.5 lakhs towards ACT Grants. Razorpay hopes to enable many more initiatives like these, in our collective effort to help bring relief quickly to those in need. Those interested to raise money through an NGO or donate money can do so through this link – https://razorpay.com/covid19-relief-fund/

The company hopes these small efforts will help bring relief in some form to those in need.


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