India, Bangalore – 12th Sep 2022: With a razor-sharp focus on customer centricity, Razorpay, India’s Leading full-stack Payments and Banking Platform for Businesses has been on a mission to build the financial backbone for all kinds of businesses in India, enabling each one to unlock uninterrupted business growth. Most recently, leading omnichannel eyewear brand Lenskart and reputed financial services conglomerate Mirae Asset Capital Markets (I) Pvt. Ltd. chose Razorpay as their trusted Payments Partner for online transactions. As their preferred payments partner, Razorpay will be simplifying the payment experience for thousands of their end customers.

According to transactions held on the Razorpay platform, it is not only the popular e-commerce, food & travel segments driving the digital payment ecosystem today but the less popular segments such as stock trading and mutual funds are also making a significant mark. Compared to 2021, in 2022, stock trading and mutual funds saw growth in transaction volumes at 75% and 100% respectively. 

Arun Chaudhry, Director & Chief Business Officer, Mirae Asset Capital Markets (I) Pvt. Ltd. said, “When it comes to investing and trading, we, at the Mirae Asset Group consider technology as the biggest enabler not only for business but also for our customers. From instant onboarding, availability of information at fingertips, offering insights basis behavioral patterns, to enabling quick payments at the click of a button, all of it now just takes seconds. Our recently launched investment platform  – m.Stock is a testament to this claim. Given our fully digital business model, we are happy to have partnered with Razorpay in our journey at offering the best investment solutions to our customers in the most seamless way possible, and look forward to some eventful times ahead.”

Indranil Chakravarty, Chief Business Officer, Aqualens & Lenskart said, “Customer satisfaction is at the core of every brand’s existence today. And to have satisfied and empowered customers, it is essential to have a smooth purchase process. We wanted a straightforward and trusted mediator for Aqualens & Lenskart. As a brand with a multichannel presence and transactions conducted with D2C and B2B partnerships, we needed a transparent and reliable payment getaway to lead the business transactions in all our retail environments. Today, with partners like Razorpay, we are catering to a customer base of over 1 million users.”

Welcoming the new customers, Rahul Kothari, Chief Business Officer at Razorpay said, We are delighted to be chosen as the trusted payments partner by the two industry leaders who have gone through significant digital transformations and today have different personalities, different payment & banking needs, and a different set of consumers and markets to cater to. We look forward to empowering them with a full-stack financial solution that acts as their central nervous system for everything payments and business banking. Working with small and big businesses has only brought us closer and made us more passionate about solving complex payment and banking problems of India so that millions of businesses can benefit from the enormous growth  digital medium offers.”

With almost every transaction happening in the virtual world, it is imperative for businesses to ensure seamless, hassle-free payment experiences for their customers in the offline and online world. This includes real-time reconciliation, reduction in time per transaction, minimal failures while ensuring a risk-free environment. Keeping this and a fast-evolving dynamic regulatory environment in mind, Razorpay effectively and efficiently solves payment complexities that businesses go through daily, making it a one-stop shop for everything payments and banking for businesses. 


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