• India’s First-ever AI-powered print ad Founder-first campaign, #ImaginedThroughAI is dedicated to celebrating India’s vibrant entrepreneurial spirit 
  • Features founders like Vineeta Singh (SUGAR cosmetics), Vidit Aatrey (Meesho), Deepinder Goyal (Zomato), Alakh Pandey (Physics Wallah), Shashank Mehta (The Whole Foods) among others

INDIA, Bengaluru – 8th May 2023: Committed to championing the Indian startup-up ecosystem, Razorpay, India’s Leading Full-Stack Payments and Banking Platform for Businesses has launched the Country’s First-ever AI-powered print ad campaign, #ImaginedThroughAI, that envisions the journey of India’s entrepreneurs in a never-seen-before light. A truly founder-first and founder-only campaign, Razorpay partnered with Talented.Agency to conceptualize this series of 45 art pieces of 45 founders spread across 45 days showcasing the passion and grit of some of India’s changemakers in an unprecedented manner. Despite macroeconomic challenges, India’s startup landscape has witnessed tremendous growth fueled by innovative founders. Razorpay believes that it is now more important than ever to honor these superheroes as they continue to inspire and influence the future generation and economy. 

With India becoming one of the fastest-growing major economies in the world, the country’s start-ups are rewriting India’s economic roadmap, leading India’s march to achieve a $5 trillion GDP by 2025. The country has consistently supported the business side of start-ups as risk-takers and wealth creators but more could be done to celebrate the human side – the resilience, passion, and unique spirit of founders. #ImaginedThroughAI is a tribute to the entrepreneurial spirit that inspires India. It urges India to discover the unseen and untold stories of founders, revealing the secret behind their success – their vision, values, attitudes, and codes that make them who they are, and what drives them. 

In the last 25 days, The Economic Times has featured some influential trailblazers like Vidit Aatrey (Meesho), Deepinder Goyal (Zomato), Aloke Bajpai (Ixigo), Vineeta Singh (Sugar Cosmetics), Alakh Pandey (Physics Wallah), Shashank Mehta (Whole Truth Foods), Sairee Chahal (Sheroes), Minu Margaret (BlissClub), Ankit Agarwal (Phool.Co), Supriya Paul (Josh Talks), Ashish Kashyap (INDMoney) to name a few. A 9-week-long marathon, this AI celebration, powered by over 1,000 unique prompts is building a visual museum of India’s start-up story and bringing to light the untold stories of the founders, by the founders. 

Apuarv Sethi, VP Marketing, Razorpay, said “Razorpay has always been deeply moved by the spirit of entrepreneurship. It animates everything we do. We found the right partner in Talented.Agency to bring this out in the most interesting way. #ImaginedThroughAI was born out of the desire to imagine the unseen spirit of entrepreneurship – the passion, the values, the vision, and the spirit of the founders. We hope that this campaign builds appreciation for the human side of entrepreneurship and creates a culture of championing the founders who are changing our present and our future.”

The campaign uses AI tools such as Midjourney and Stable Diffusion. 

#ImaginedThroughAI shows us a different side of founders that never make it to the news – their passions, their drive, their zeal. We’re proud to partner with Razorpay and take on the onus to celebrate Indian founders for their passions, not just their profits. Someone asked us earlier – is this the new corporate mugshot? It might as well be! Each founder’s art concept is inspired by either their vision or their journey thus far – that’s why we’re seeing founders every day imagined in green fields, on other planets, in rivers of chocolate. Brought alive via Hyperrealism, 90s Manga art style, Steampunk – design styles so alien to B2B overall,” said PG Aditiya, CCO and Co-founder at Talented.Agency.

The campaign has already witnessed a  huge positive impact with conversations around founders brimming outside the start-up community. For instance, it helped the Cuddles Foundation raise over INR 1 Lac, the day their founder Purnota Bahl was featured in the series.

Razorpay has held a long-standing commitment to enabling the startup ecosystem, one of them being the Razorpay Rize platform which works with over 500 Indian startups. The Rize Program has guided these startups to take their first step, helping early-stage and bootstrapped startups actually ‘start up’ their growth journey with utmost ease and comfort. 


Agency: Talented

Client: Razorpay

Agency Team: PG Aditiya & Team

AI Consulting partner: @goji__ (Svojas Chari) 

Client Team: Apuarv Sethi & Team

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