Terms and Conditions APIs

Use the Terms and Conditions APIs to accept and fetch terms and conditions for a merchant.

You can use the Terms and Conditions APIs to fetch terms and conditions for a sub-merchant. Use the Product Configuration APIs to accept the terms and conditions.

You can try out our APIs on the Razorpay Postman Public Workspace.

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Terms and Conditions Entity🔗


string The name of the entity. Here it is tnc_map.


string Determines what business unit the terms and conditions belong to.


string Unique identifier of the terms and conditions belonging to a specific business unit.


object The terms and conditions content.

string The terms and conditions webpage URL.
string The privacy policy webpage URL.
string The agreement webpage URL.

integer The timestamp in Unix format, when the terms and conditions were created/last updated.

Fetch Terms and Conditions for a Sub-Merchant🔗

Use the following endpoint to retrieve the terms and conditions of a sub-merchant:


Path Parameter🔗

product_name mandatory
string The product family for which the relevant product to be requested for the sub-merchant. Possible value is payments.

Error Response Parameters🔗

Know about the various error responses for this API.