Learn the journey of Nature Foody to Your Skin as they establish themselves as a renowned brand, offering chemical-free beauty products at affordable prices. Their remarkable journey towards nationwide acclaim was fraught with obstacles, but along the way, they partnered with Razorpay Line of Credit—a collateral-free credit line designed to assist businesses in managing their short-term financial requirements.Let’s delve deeper:

About Nature Foody to Your Skin

Nature Foody to Your Skin specialises in natural and organic skincare products that are free from harmful chemicals, parabens, sulphates, and synthetic fragrances. Their formulations incorporate plant-based extracts, essential oils, and botanicals to promote healthy skin.

The company’s emphasis on sustainability and environmentally friendly practices is evident through their cruelty-free products and the use of recyclable packaging materials, minimising their ecological impact.

The challenge:

Nature Foody to Your Skin heavily depended on vendors to source premium-quality, natural, and organic raw materials essential for their skincare products. As the company experienced rapid growth, their vendor ecosystem expanded in tandem. However, the existing method of paying vendors upfront became increasingly challenging, causing a strain in cash flow. The company used their personal credit intruments for making vendor payments. The frequency and variety of vendor payments exacerbated the problem, necessitating a more efficient and streamlined solution.

Multiple Unstructured Vendor Payments + Personal Credit Instruments = Unhealthy Cash Flow

Razorpay Line of Credit <> Nature Foody to Your Skin: The Fruitful Partnership

With Razorpay Line of Credit, Nature Foody to Your Skin could:

Enhance vendor relationships:

With improved payment management and timely payouts enabled by Razorpay Line of Credit, Nature Foody to Your Skin strengthened their relationships with vendors. Timely payments fostered trust, reliability, and better collaboration, contributing to a more robust supplier network and enhanced opportunities for business growth.

Improve financial discipline and CIBIL Score:

Consistently utilising Razorpay Line of Credit to make timely payments for credit card bills and vendor payouts allowed Nature Foody to Your Skin to establish a positive credit history and financial track record. This positively impacted their business CIBIL score, opening doors to future financial opportunities and favourable terms.

Automate repayments:

By leveraging the “automated repayment” feature, the company could conveniently settle their dues using their daily sales. This eliminated concerns about missing payment due dates and enhanced their ability to manage cash flows effectively.

Razorpay Line of Credit

Timely Vendor Payouts + Improved CIBIL + Ease of Settlement = Healthy Cash Flow 



Razorpay Line of Credit Empowering Businesses With Financial Stability and Timely Operations

Our reliance on vendors who do not offer credit often necessitates making full payments to ensure the timely delivery of raw materials for our production requirements. However, with the utilisation of Razorpay Line of Credit, we can promptly make these payments, ensuring uninterrupted operations or cash flow challenges. Additionally, by consistently repaying and reusing our line, we are able to enhance our CIBIL score and establish a positive credit history and financial track record, further strengthening our financial standing.
Roshini Jerald, founder of Nature Foody to Your Skin

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