It’s never a dull day in the UPI world. From linking Rupay Credit Cards on UPI to streamlining bill payments through UPI Autopay, the UPI Stack offers new & exciting products for every type of business. Yet, adoption is poor & unstructured, leading to a fragmented user experience & value yet to be unlocked.

We find that several businesses, despite the ease of UPI, struggle to keep pace with its rapid evolution. Adoption of UPI’s latest features is poor due to a lack of awareness of the new products & their applicability for your business. This hinders business growth and puts you behind competition.

Well, here’s your chance to catch up! Introducing India’s first & only UPI Excellence Assessment by Razorpay – a personalized, 5-minute evaluation that benchmarks your business on all the things UPI and gives you actionable steps towards unlocking latent potential.


How Does it Work?

This data-driven assessment analyzes your business’s use-cases on UPI taking into consideration industry relevance & scale & to unlock your hidden UPI potential. 

  • Know your UPI score: Gain insights into your current UPI performance compared to industry benchmarks.
  • The cost of inaction: Understand the real cost of not embracing new-age payment methods and optimizing your infrastructure.
  • Tailored recommendations: Discover a personalized roadmap to superior UPI methods, experience enhancers, and infrastructure upgrades.

Who Should Take It?

This assessment is designed for founders, product marketers & managers, and business leaders across all industries looking to maximize the efficiency of their UPI payments.

The UPI Excellence Assessment was super easy and gave us clear, actionable steps to improve our UPI experience. In just 5 minutes we were able to visualize where we stood on UPI and what more we could do.  

Aastha Jain – Ecommerce Manager, Kisah

The UPI Excellence Framework

Razorpay’s reach of over 5 lakh+ businesses reveals three fundamental pillars for a business’s success on UPI:

  • UPI Methods: Assess your adoption of both traditional and innovative UPI functionalities.
  • UPI Experience: Evaluate your customer journey – minimize friction points and maximize transaction success rates.
  • UPI Infrastructure: Determine if your infrastructure is robust enough to handle growth and prevent disruptions.

Based on your assessment, you’ll be placed in one of three zones:

  • Optimal Zone:  You’re leading the pack with a best-in-class UPI integration.
  • Cautionary Zone: There’s room for improvement with readily available solutions.
  • Critical Zone: Take immediate steps to upgrade your UPI infrastructure and features.

Take the Assessment – Find Your Zone Today!
Don’t miss out on this opportunity to transform your payment infrastructure and take the lead. Razorpay’s UPI Excellence Assessment helps you overcome adoption challenges and optimize your UPI solutions for unparalleled growth. Take this 5 minute assessment to unlock your business’s full potential.


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