Did you know that India’s credit card users already outnumber the entire population of Malaysia or Thailand? With over 77 million credit card holders and counting, it’s clear that the credit card uptick in the nation is faster than you can say “cashless revolution”! But what’s driving this surge? It’s the thrill of earning reward points, the convenience of cashless transactions, and the sheer joy customers get by treating themselves without breaking the bank. 

So why not seize the moment and ride the wave? Brands have a prime chance to tap into a vast network of cardholders who are actively using their cards to earn points and also, eagerly anticipating opportunities to redeem them. 

Presenting Pay with Points by Razorpay Engage

With “Pay with Points,” businesses can offer consumers the enticing option to pay with their credit card points issued by Banks in India. This innovative product revolutionizes the shopping experience by providing flexibility and savings to customers. They can seamlessly use their accumulated credit card points to offset a portion of their purchase, instantly reducing the total amount due.

By offering customers the freedom to choose how they want to pay and slashing the total bill in the process, businesses not only boost customer satisfaction but also increase funnel conversion, cultivate loyalty and drive repeat business. 

Decoding the Mystery: Why Users Browse but Don’t Shop

The phenomenon of users browsing without making purchases can often leave businesses scratching their heads. But fear not, the answer lies in tapping into the user base with substantial purchasing power, & increasing purchase intent with immediate realization of actual savings that the users can do on the product page itself. 

Users are more likely to abandon their carts if they realize that they can make more savings on a different platform or are faced with cumbersome & limited payment options. By offering instant discount realization at product page and ability to seamlessly pay with points at checkout, businesses can remove the above barriers and encourage users to convert. But the challenge continues. 

Cultivating repeat purchase behavior is essential for long-term success. It’s about fostering a sense of loyalty and connection with customers, encouraging them to return for future purchases.

Razorpay’s Pay with Points doesn’t just solve the puzzle of customer acquisition and retention; it transforms the entire landscape of customer engagement. On every transaction your customers save X% of order value with points and earn accelerated points on remaining card spends. By integrating this innovative solution, businesses not only open a new avenue for acquiring customers but also foster deeper connections with existing ones.

It’s a demonstration of understanding and catering to the needs of the modern consumer—a feat that sets businesses apart in a crowded marketplace.


Feature Arsenal

  • Savings displayed on product page

Customers can now easily see their savings directly on the product page itself, empowering them to see the value of their points and make informed purchasing decisions even before reaching the checkout.

  • Omnichannel support

Pay With Points offers customers the flexibility to redeem their points seamlessly during both Online and Offline checkout processes, ensuring a convenient and accessible experience tailored to their preferences.

  • Plug-and-play functionality

With Pay With Points seamlessly integrated into Razorpay’s checkout stack – Standard, Custom, S2S & Magic Checkout, merchants can easily plug and play, ensuring compatibility across various platforms without hassle.

  • Instant settlement

Merchants can enjoy efficient reconciliation with settlement options available on the same day or within T+2, T+7 ensuring prompt processing and providing customers with instant satisfaction and intact margins.

Customers spend more when they save more 

Gain access to a massive pool of 20 million high-spending cardholders from India’s top banks, expanding your customer base and revenue potential.

  • Increased Average Order Value (AOV)

Experience a significant 9% higher AOV, indicating enhanced purchasing power and profitability for your business.

  • Boosted Conversion Rates

Enjoy a remarkable 6% increase in conversion rates, translating to more sales and revenue growth.

“We want each member of the Mokobara family to have nothing short of the best experience with us. Right from product design and utility to post-purchase. We’re super stoked about Pay with Points by Razorpay to make the customer purchase experience completely seamless.”
Jayachandran K, Head of Product, Mokobara


Pay With Points stands out as a catalyst for perpetual savings for customers and redefines business profitability. By seamlessly integrating this innovative solution, businesses can drive conversions, increase average order value, drive repeat purchases and boost customer satisfaction—making it an indispensable solution in today’s dynamic market.


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