“Thirdwatch offerings have merged with Razorpay Magic Checkout. Please upgrade Razorpay Magic Checkout by 1st January 2023.”

Thirdwatch is an AI-driven product that helps eCommerce/D2C brands prevent RTOs (Return to Origin). It analyses shoppers’ orders based on different parameters and flags risky orders in real-time. Based on the analyses, Thirdwatch helps online businesses make appropriate business decisions to prevent RTO losses. 

Thirdwatch’s offerings have been merged with Razorpay Magic Checkout, into a superior RTO reduction product to help eCommerce businesses grow!

From 1st January 2023, Thirdwatch app and dashboard will no longer be available. Businesses using Thirdwatch will be required to upgrade to Razorpay Magic Checkout for continued RTO Reduction services.

What is Razorpay Magic Checkout?

Razorpay Magic Checkout is a one-click checkout solution for eCommerce and D2C brands who want to simplify and enhance the overall shopping and checkout experience for their customers. 

Magic Checkout eliminates the arduous task of filling multiple forms to create an account and allows shoppers to checkout 5X faster. 

Key Features

  • 5x Faster, 1 Click Checkout experience for your shoppers
  • 40% more conversions & sales.
  • 30% lesser RTOs on COD orders.
  • Dedicated team to manage and provide a customized and optimum checkout. 

Why Upgrade to Razorpay Magic Checkout?

Enhanced RTO Management Solution

  1. Integrated Experience: Collect COD and Online Payments through a single unified checkout experience, thus reducing the propensity to pay for COD by enabling discovery of offers, etc.
  2. RTO Management– Ability to configure the product to your needs:  
    • Automatically disable the COD payment method for high-risk orders. OR
    • Don’t disable COD upfront, but get full control to cancel/decline RTO-probable orders from your dashboard based on risk assessment and recommendation.
  3. RTO Intelligence: More accurate detection of RTO probability through advanced ML models; tailored for your organization
  4. 100% RTO Protection– Protects online businesses from additional shipping costs if a Magic Checkout-approved COD order is RTOed.
  5. RTO Analytics– Provides deep, actionable insights & recommendations to reduce RTOs further. 

End-to-End Checkout Solution

Magic is an end-to-end eCommerce Checkout solution; powering Checkout 

  1. 5X Faster Checkout– Prefills contact and address/shipping details for 50Mn+ users, which means 40% more order conversions & revenue!
  2. Better Coupon Application– Multiple experience improvements to help increase conversion: 
    1. 1-click sign-in based on OTP or Truecaller
    2. Helps easier discovery and application of relevant coupons; converging customers towards conversion
    3. No form fields to be filled for repeat customers and Minimum form fields for 1st-time customers
    4. Experience designed to optimize conversion at every step of the way
  3. Superior Payment Experience– Personalises the payment experience for each user based on their preferred mode of paying and covers all payment methods, including COD. 


Learn more about Magic Checkout’s features and advantages and find out how it can benefit online businesses. Click Here

What Needs to be Done?

Since Thirdwatch will no longer be available from 1st January 2023, we request everyone to upgrade to Razorpay Magic Checkout to continue enjoying an enhanced RTO management solution. 

Get a better hold on your RTO rates and enable your online shoppers to checkout fast. So, don’t just wait and upgrade to Razorpay Magic Checkout today!

Upgrade Today 

For More Details:

Email: magic-checkout@razorpay.com 

Website: https://razorpay.com/magic

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