In today’s competitive market, the significance of offers cannot be overstated. They serve as crucial tools for captivating customers, ensuring their loyalty, and ultimately driving revenue for businesses. By leveraging offers, businesses not only attract new customers but also foster a culture of repeat purchases, thereby nurturing long-term loyalty. These incentives play a pivotal role in shaping consumer behavior, influencing purchasing decisions, and elevating overall satisfaction levels.

Moreover, offering special pricing is an effective strategy for fostering brand loyalty, as it creates moments of appreciation and adds tangible value to the customer experience. This not only enhances customer satisfaction but also has a direct impact on the bottom line, as satisfied, repeat customers are inclined to spend more over time. 

However, managing offers can often feel like a marathon, particularly when navigating the complexities of co-funded offers and the often chaotic process of reconciliation.

Introducing Razorpay Offers Engine- a one-stop shop to solve all your offer woes.

With goal-based offers that can be customized and collaborated easily with banks, fintech institutions, all your qualms about offers end here.


Simplify, Customize, Analyze, Succeed: How Razorpay Offers Engine Empowers Businesses

  1. Customizable Offer Templates: Fuel Every Growth Idea

With Razorpay Offers Engine, choose from over 100+ pre-created offer types & templates, each designed to fuel your growth initiatives. Whether you’re looking to acquire new customers, increase customer lifetime value, or revive dormant accounts, our platform has the perfect template for you.

  1. Flexibility in Crafting Tailored Offers

Why leave the customization to only the big players, now you can too. We understand that one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to offers. That’s why our platform empowers you to customize offers to align with your specific business goals. Whether you’re targeting a specific demographic or promoting a new product line, you can tailor offers to suit your unique needs.

  1. Real-time Analytics for Improved ROI

With Razorpay Offers Engine, you gain access to real-time analytics that provide valuable insights into offer performance. By tracking key metrics such as redemption rates and customer engagement, you can fine-tune your offers for maximum impact and ROI.

  1. Strengthened Partnerships with Banks and Fintech Institutions

Our platform facilitates collaboration with banks and fintech institutions, enabling you to leverage their resources and reach a wider audience. Whether you’re seeking co-funded opportunities or exploring new payment solutions, Razorpay Offers Engine has you covered.

Craft the Perfect Offer Journey with Razorpay Engine

  1. Goal-based Offers

Whether you’re aiming to acquire new customers, boost customer lifetime value, or re-engage dormant accounts, our platform provides tailored solutions to meet your unique goals. Our solution is trusted by brands such as Junglee Games, Kotak securities limited, DMI finance pvt ltd, and Capfloat Financial Services Private Limited.

  1. Customize Offers

If none of the pre-created templates align with your business goals, you can easily create your own offer from scratch. Define business rules for offer creation, eligibility, and acceptance to ensure that your offers are tailored to meet your exact specifications.

  1. Collaboration with Banks and Fintech Institutions

Whether you’re seeking co-funded offers to incentivize purchases or exploring new payment solutions to enhance the customer experience, our partnerships with banks, other businesses, and payment service providers (PSPs) enable you to leverage their resources and expertise to achieve your business goals.

“With Offers Engine, our aim is to democratize the creation of impactful offers for businesses, irrespective of their size. We empower them with the ability to effortlessly craft a diverse range of offers, thanks to an extensive collection of evolving templates. Merchants can choose and customize offers to precisely align with their unique business needs. The key benefit lies in facilitating access to offers from banks and fintech institutions, providing a valuable advantage for businesses irrespective of their size.”
– Sarthak Agrawal, Senior Product Manager, Razorpay


Razorpay Offers Engine isn’t just an offer management platform; it’s your key to unlocking growth. Forget tedious co-funding processes and chaotic reconciliations. Instead, fuel your brand with customizable, goal-based offers, real-time analytics, and powerful partnerships. Take control of your customer journey, boost loyalty, and watch your revenue soar. Start now and experience the power of offers made simple.


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