The developer experience is at the core of all Razorpay innovations. We know that you love Postman for its simple platform for building and testing APIs. We have worked with Postman and replicated all our Public APIs on Postman’s Public Workspace. Now, we are thrilled to bring you Razorpay Public Postman Workspace.

What is a Public Postman Workspace

A Public Postman Workspace is like a public GitHub repository, where we can fork an API Collection and contribute to it. It is where our API artifacts, API producers, and API consumers co-exist and work together. 

How is Razorpay Public Postman Workspace different from Postman Collections?

Anyone can be an API consumer on Postman. A Public Postman Workspace allows anyone to see what it contains, even if they don’t have a Postman account. Having a free Postman account lets you establish a two-way dialogue with the producer. 

What Do You Get with Razorpay Public Postman Workspace?

Your API experience is going to improve in several ways. 

Earlier with Postman Collections:

  • You had to test the APIs, download them and then, import them into your workspace. 
  • You would never receive notifications on API updates. 
  • You had to connect with the Razorpay support team to provide feedback on our API.

With Razorpay Public Postman Workspace, we:

Razorpay Public Postman Workspace

  • Improved the developer experience: No need to download or import Postman Collections! You can fork our APIs and run the APIs in your workspace directly. 

  • Provide Regular Updates: Watch the APIs and get notified about every update we make in the APIs.

Razorpay Public Workspace API notification

  • Help you collaborate with us: Have you found a misspelt parameter or have suggestions to improve our APIs? We are all ears. Post your comments. We have a team who will look at your comments, fix them or pass them on to the right group.

Razorpay Public Workspace

As you already know, Postman also provides an option to raise PRs. At the moment, Razorpay does not support this feature. We would request you not to raise any PRs as they may not be addressed. Instead, use the comments section to provide us with your suggestions.

API Usage Data: Razorpay can get the count and the information on anyone who forks our APIs. This is valuable data for us to understand the API usage and adoption and improve our APIs.

Note: The private APIs such as Recurring Payments APIs are available to select merchants and can not be exposed to all. You will continue to use the older process of downloading the Postman Collections and importing them into your workspace.

How to Access it

  • Click the Run in Postman button on the  Razorpay Docs, and you are directed to the Razorpay Public Postman Workspace.

Step 1

  • Access the Razorpay Postman Workspace using the following link:

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s start firing the APIs!

Click the Watch button to receive regular updates on Razorpay APIs on the Postman Workspace. Come, be a part of Razorpay’s exciting API journey!

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