Did you know you are training your customers to expect lower prices from you? At times businesses place all their bets on discounts to win over their customers. The timeless struggle of acquiring, retaining and reviving customers is a familiar theme for all founders. Achieving business profitability while keeping operational costs and time constraints in check is a familiar battle. 

Businesses often spend a big chunk of their money—up to 40% of the Average Order Value—just to get customers to transact for the first time. And to keep those customers coming back, they have to keep spending—another 15-20% of what they make. 

These expenses can significantly accumulate, posing challenges for businesses to expand and generate profits. Effectively managing these costs while ensuring sustainable growth in a competitive market is daunting. So, why not let your payment partner take over?

Scratching your head wondering how a payment partner can help? 

Razorpay understands what prompts your customers to complete the transaction. Leveraging that expertise we have built a payment-linked growth marketing stack. 

Presenting India’s First Payments Powered Growth Suite:  Razorpay Engage 

At Razorpay, we’ve extensively analyzed millions of online transactions to gain deep insights into consumer behavior, including buying patterns, offer adoption, and gift card usage. Now, we’re excited to unveil Razorpay Engage —a cutting-edge marketing tech stack that leverages the power of payments to fuel growth. 


We recognize that building lasting customer relationships requires more than just rewards. Brands need to deliver a rewarding experience. With a flexible framework that enables customization and scalability, this full-stack intelligent growth suite ensures that your business remains ahead of the competition.

Powered by Payments: How Razorpay Engage solves for sustainable growth

  • Personalized Incentives Creation

Effortlessly create personalized incentives from a vast inventory of over 5,000 options, ensuring maximum impact.

  • Efficient Deterministic Targeting

Harness Razorpay Intelligence to refine transaction-based audience targeting for enhanced effectiveness and precision, maximizing the impact of your marketing efforts while minimizing costs.

  • New Contextual Distribution & Display Avenues 

Capture customer attention at Moments of High Intent resulting in higher conversions. Augment display touchpoints through owned channels & a 3rd party network of 8 million+ businesses and banks. 

  • Extensive Network Partnerships​ with 8 mn Businesses & Banks

Leverage partnerships with brands, financial institutions, including banks, networks, and fintech issuers across ​the Razorpay ecosystem.

  • Insightful Customer Behavior Analysis

Gain valuable insights into customer behavior across various channels, including in-store, app, and WhatsApp, with Razorpay Engage.


Suite at a glance- Acquire, retain and revive with Razorpay Engage

  • Wallet as a service

This innovative product serves as a centralized hub for all customer rewards, simplifying the user experience by consolidating all things rewards into a single wallet. With effortless loading options, customers can easily top up their wallets, manage their savings, and seamlessly redeem their rewards at their convenience. 

  • Offers Engine

At the heart of our growth marketing suite lies the Offers Engine—a dynamic tool that empowers businesses to create customized offers tailored to their unique needs. Gone are the days of one-size-fits-all promotions; with the Offers Engine, businesses can democratize offer creation, making it accessible to businesses of all sizes. 

  • Gift Card Platform

The Gift Card Platform within Razorpay Engage Suite revolutionizes the way businesses manage and distribute gift cards. Through automation and simplification, businesses can streamline the process of gift card creation and distribution management, reducing administrative burden and increasing operational efficiency. 

  • Rewards Marketplace

Razorpay Engage opens the door to a world of rewards through its exclusive Rewards Marketplace. This curated catalog offers businesses access to a diverse selection and seamless integration with multiple distribution channels of gift cards and offers, catering to the varied preferences and needs of their customer base. 

  • Enterprise Loyalty Suite

Building and maintaining customer loyalty is a top priority for businesses, and Enterprise Loyalty Suite provides the tools and capabilities needed to achieve this goal. By enabling businesses to create tailored loyalty programs that resonate with their target audience it empowers businesses to nurture relationships and drive lasting engagement. 

  • Pay with Points

With Pay with Points, businesses can tap into the power of credit card points to drive customer engagement and loyalty. By offering customers the ability to pay with their credit card points, businesses can increase affordability and incentivize spending, driving repeat purchases and increasing customer lifetime value. Additionally, by tapping into the market of cardholders, businesses can expand their customer base and unlock new growth opportunities.

  • Digital Bill Enabled CRM

Razorpay Engage Digital Bill-enabled CRM transforms the way businesses engage with their customers through digital invoices. By leveraging digital invoices to drive higher retention and personalization, businesses can enhance the customer experience and increase loyalty.

With intelligent targeting capabilities and automated engagement processes, businesses can maximize sales opportunities and drive revenue growth.

On that note…

We are committed to simplifying the complexities of e-commerce while honoring the unique identity of each brand. Razorpay Engage offers a comprehensive solution to meet diverse business needs, empowering brands to thrive in their own distinct ways. 

With our reward points and gift stacks already trusted by industry leaders like Swiggy, Decathlon and FnP, and having engaged 5 million end customers through our beta launch businesses, we strive to ensure that every purchase is both rewarding for customers and profitable for brands. 

It’s a win-win situation that fosters lasting customer acquisition and loyalty and business success. Join us in revolutionizing customer lifecycle and driving growth for your brand with Razorpay Engage.


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