The Indian e-commerce market is booming, with rising consumer demand and increasingly global aspirations. Driven by factors like increasing urbanization, changing consumer preferences, and the rise of e-commerce, India’s digital economy could reach $1 trillion by 2025

This presents a golden opportunity for businesses worldwide to tap into a vast and vibrant market. Yet, importing goods for businesses can be a complex and daunting process, riddled with compliance hurdles and payment challenges.

Businesses looking to establish a foothold in India must contend with a myriad of regulatory requirements, which can vary significantly across different product categories and industries. From obtaining the necessary licenses and permits to navigating the intricacies of cross-border payment and compliance, the road to establishing an international enterprise in India can be quite challenging. Currency conversion, fluctuating exchange rates, and the need to comply with regulatory frameworks governing foreign exchange transactions further compound the complexity of conducting business in India.

Enter Razorpay Payment Gateway for International Businesses 

Designed to simplify and enhance cross-border transactions for businesses aiming to make their mark in India, this revolutionary solution from Razorpay simplifies accepting payments from India for businesses of all sizes. 

With its best-in-class coverage, support for all billing models, elimination of the need for a local legal entity, and industry-best success rates, Razorpay’s Payment Gateway for International businesses is here to redefine the way global businesses operate within the Indian subcontinent.  By choosing Razorpay, international merchants can unlock the vast potential of the Indian market with a payment solution that is not just reliable, but tailored to the diverse needs of their customers. 

Comprehensive Payment Coverage

Unmatched Reach

Razorpay’s Import Flow supports UPI, Netbanking, and card payments, covering Rupay, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners Club International,  and more. This broad coverage across 100+ banks ensures that businesses can cater to the varied preferences of Indian consumers, enhancing their reach and customer base.

Flexible Billing Models

Convenience at its best

Effortlessly manage recurring payments (cards, UPI Autopay), one-time transactions, and diverse customer preferences with E-Mandates, Aadhar-based Mandates, and PaperNACH. This flexibility enables businesses to adapt to the unique billing dynamics of the Indian market, providing convenience to both merchants and customers.

Industry-Leading Success Rates and Seamless Settlement

Frictionless Experience

Enjoy unmatched success rates in UPI, cards, Netbanking, and Wallets. Our seamless settlement process ensures a smooth experience for all payment preferences and can accommodate the payment choices of Indian customers seamlessly. This reliability is crucial for building trust and loyalty in a competitive market.

With 95% SR on UPI, 26% higher SR on debit cards as compared to industry average, and 50% higher than non-Indian PAs, no global business has to ever worry about a “failed payment” with Razorpay.

Simplified Adherence to Compliance

Licensed Payment Aggregator (PA) for Peace of Mind

Licensed by the RBI, Razorpay guarantees on-time settlements for financial stability through on-time settlements and continuous operations. With a commitment to timely settlements, businesses can operate confidently, knowing their financial transactions comply with regulatory standards. Under the RBI’s scrutiny and Razorpay’s dedication to regulatory compliance, our robust grievance redressal system safeguards your interests, providing a secure environment for uninterrupted business operations in India.

Security and Compliance

Razorpay’s TokenHQ, India’s first multi-token processing powerhouse, and up-to-date systems ensure top-notch security and compliance with the latest data protection guidelines. Our future-proof solutions, coupled with developer-friendly APIs, allow businesses to stay ahead of regulatory changes and ensure data security.

No India Entity Required

Faster and Easier

Skip the year-long process and complex financial commitments, such as capital expenditures (CAPEX) and operational expenses (OPEX) for an office. Establish your entity in just 3 weeks with minimal KYC documents and no upfront investments. This streamlined process allows businesses to focus on growth without the burden of extensive bureaucratic procedures.

Razorpay’s Global Commitment: Empowering International Businesses in India

In conclusion, Razorpay’s Payment Gateway for International Businesses can redefine the landscape for international businesses entering India. From comprehensive payment coverage and high success rates to simplified compliance, Razorpay provides the tools and support needed to thrive in the dynamic and lucrative Indian market. As businesses continue to eye India as a strategic growth destination, Razorpay stands as a trusted partner, offering innovative solutions to meet the evolving needs of both merchants and consumers. 

Ready to elevate your international business in India? Let’s discuss how Razorpay’s Payment Gateway for International Businesses can tailor solutions for your success. 


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