At Razorpay, we recently moved into a new office at Koramangala, Bangalore. The office is a 11,000 sq. ft floor at SJR Cyber in Hosur Road. It’s our constant endeavour to make this the best work space in Bangalore.


Every square feet of our office has been thoughtfully designed and we made sure that we have both function and aesthetics in every corner.

One of the main highlights of our office is the open wide space with evenly distributed workstations.


Having the whole team on a single, partition-less floor helps a lot with frictionless collaboration and internal communication.


The larger workstations are designed for developers. They can house dual (triple even) monitors with ease.


When workstations start feeling mundane, we take our machines to sit on one of the square cushioned spaces along the full height window-sills – which have a wonderful view of the busy Hosur road.

At times when someone needs to concentrate deeply and finds the buzz of the workspace distracting they can move to one of the two silent rooms which help tuning out the noise and just focus on the task at hand.

We also made sure that the office feels like home. The pantry houses plenty of healthy (and unhealthy as some prefer) snacks and drinks. Freshly cooked lunch is served at the office everyday, thanks to HungerBox


A nap room with four bunk beds does justice to the minds that need a quick rest.


After toiling through the days and nights striving to make payments simpler, we blow off our minds with a 52″ screen equipped with Xbox and Kinect. We watch sports matches, TV shows, and lots of sci-fi on it when we are not trying to score a goal on FIFA β€˜15.


Visitors coming to our office are pleasantly greeted with Envoy. Instead of entering their details manually in a register, they enter their details into an iPad running the Envoy app. A notification is automatically sent on Slack channel and email to the person who the guest wishes to see.


We tried not to leave too much white space on the office walls, and hence you’ll find them full of inspirational quotes and stickers to keep up the high spirits.

We think such a setting is well deserved for a team so awesome. What do you think? Drop in to our office and tell us.

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