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Marketing automation tools are necessary these days for eCommerce businesses and D2C brands. They are used to automate the marketing process to target the right audiences better and quantify and restructure how these businesses have been handling workflows and marketing campaigns. 

Marketing automation tools work, and they are here to encourage eCommerce businesses to make better business decisions. In fact, as per research conducted by Nucleus Research, marketing automation tools can boost sales productivity by 14.5%.  

The impact these tools have on eCommerce businesses goes beyond doing repetitive tasks. Marketing automated tools allow businesses to focus more on their business, brainstorm better ways to engage with customers, and think of new products to launch. 

About AdYogi and How it Can Boost eCommerce Sales 

By now, it must be clear that automation tools are here to boost sales, enhance customer satisfaction, and improve business growth. Having said that, there’s one marketing automation tool that can help eCommerce businesses take care of all this, and that is AdYogi. 

About Adyogi plugin

AdYogi is a dedicated marketing automation software developed with a vision to encourage eCommerce businesses, big or small, to acquire customers the right way. AdYogi enables online businesses to automate their Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads seamlessly to boost sales. 

AdYogi makes reaching out to the target audience easy. Whether you want to reach out to customers via Facebook, Instagram, or Google Ads, AdYogi makes everything convenient. And the best part about AdYogi is it works effortlessly on multiple eCommerce platforms, such as WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento, Wix, etc. 

Key Features of AdYogi 

  1. It curates a live catalogue and tracks out-of-stock products so that it doesn’t show them to customers.
  2. It creates smart category product sets, which helps remove low-value products while advertising. 
  3. Automatically retargets customers who visit the website but leave without buying anything by promoting products based on customers’ last interaction on the online store.
  4. The ROAS analyzer enables businesses to check performance metrics. 
  5. Shows businesses insights about every campaign, ad set, keyword, and more to understand which campaign is performing better and which ones need work. 
  6. AdYogi offers budget optimization, which lets businesses automatically adjust their spending behaviour to keep the cost consistent.

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About Razorpay Magic Checkout and How it Can Boost eCommerce Sales 

Just like AdYogi, Razorpay Magic Checkout is also here to help businesses grow. While AdYogi is here to automate Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads to accelerate sales, Razorpay Magic Checkout is here to reduce the return to origin rate, offer multiple payment methods confidently, including cash on delivery, and most importantly, provide eCommerce businesses and D2C brands with a faster, safer, and smoother checkout. 

Customers may leave an online store for multiple reasons, and out of the many reasons, one reason is slow and complicated checkout. 17% of customers leave an online store when they find the checkout process lengthy and complex. Along with engaging with these customers by advertising the right products at the right time, one must also prioritize the checkout process a customer experiences. 

To simplify the checkout process, Razorpay is here with Magic Checkout. Magic Checkout sets customers free from the arduous task of filling out long account creation forms on multiple online stores. It automatically prefills contact and delivery details of customers who have shopped via Razorpay Magic Checkout network stores, allowing them to complete their purchase 5X faster. This also means fewer dropoffs. 

With Razorpay Magic Checkout, one can expect the following: 

  1. 5x Faster, 1 Click Checkout experience for the customers 
  2. Dedicated team to manage and provide a customized and optimum checkout 
  3. 40% more conversions & sales 
  4. 30% lesser RTOs on COD orders

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The Magical Partnership Between Razorpay Magic Checkout and AdYogi

Marketing automation is crucial for eCommerce business growth that wants to stay competitive and increase their sales. That’s why modern eCommerce businesses should look for automation tools to help them grow. And for anyone looking for robust marketing automation software, AdYogi is there to help.

Also, to further enhance the sales game, there is Razorpay Magic Checkout. Don’t worry; after enabling Magic Checkout on Shopify and WooCommerce, eCommerce stores can continue to market their products and engage with customers seamlessly via AdYogi on different platforms. AdYogi and Razorpay Magic Checkout are here to help eCommerce businesses achieve their business goals. 

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