Seek 100% uptime in payments processing using Edge Routing on Optimizer! Get a 5% assured spike in revenue!  

You’ve just launched a big collection, and are ready for a holiday sale, and expecting sales to spike. But, what if your trusty payments router, Optimizer, decides to take a coffee break? No sweat – enter Edge Routing, an innovative, first-to-market, robust routing functionality that ensures that your payments never fail. While Razorpay Optimizer handles all your payment traffic with ultimate finesse, sometimes, it may take a little break, but not at the cost of your payments success! Edge Routing ensures that your payments never fail despite Optimizer downtimes!

Why did we build Edge Routing on Optimizer?

In the realm of scalability, ensuring a backup for availability becomes paramount. Client-side routing serves as the fail-safe merchants required to enhance revenue and address the availability challenges associated with payment processing.

While payment orchestration platforms like Optimizer have successfully addressed the rerouting of payment traffic to backup gateways when the primary gateway faces downtime, there has been a gap in solutions for scenarios when the payment orchestration layer itself experiences disruptions.

This represents an avoidable single point of failure for large and medium-sized businesses, causing payment failures even when goods and services are ready for delivery. Developing a direct integration with payment aggregators and gateways, coupled with the capability to seamlessly switch from the orchestration layer to a backup, poses a complex challenge and overhead for businesses. Merchants need a robust solution.

Enter Edge Routing on Optimizer!

How does Edge Routing work?

Optimizer’s Edge Routing, the first-of-its-kind solution in the market, ensures guaranteed 100% uptime in payment processing. This innovative solution eliminates the risk of a single point of failure by routing payments to the merchant’s chosen backup gateway or aggregator. Merchants can rest assured that in the event of an Optimizer downtime, there will be a smooth transition from the Optimizer to the backup payment gateway via an SDK to help merchants initiate a direct payment request via the browser.

Leveraging pre-integration with all backup payment gateways, the system initiates a direct call to the backup gateway from the browser using cached details of the merchant preferences and terminal details. Merchants can rely on the SDK to poll the status APIs of the backup gateway for payment status.

What advantages does Edge Routing offer for businesses?

Growth-obsessed businesses always want to ensure that payments never fail. Our Edge Routing solution comes with multiple benefits that make the life of your development and product teams truly easy! 

  • Revenue boost

Our Edge Routing functionality doesn’t only limit itself to creating platform availability. We’ve designed this solution to be a catalyst for your revenue growth. You can enjoy almost 5x more revenue with uninterrupted payments processing.

  • No additional tech investment

Edge Routing brings you the benefits without the extra burden. There’s no need for additional tech investment to create backup systems for payment processing. Optimizer lets you seamlessly integrate into your existing setup, saving you time and resources.

  • Auto-enabled for Optimizer merchants

For all Optimizer merchants, Edge Routing is automatically enabled. It’s a hassle-free addition to your toolkit, ensuring that you benefit from its features without any additional effort on your part.

  • Effortless SDK installation

Installing the SDK is a breeze, and once configured with your preferred backup payment aggregator or gateway, you are ready to use Edge Routing. No need for extensive efforts or technical know-how to start using the solution. 

Experience the benefits first-hand and empower your business with Optimizer. 


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