At Razorpay, we handle a lot of payments related infrastructure. As such, very often we need to process financial data and query the relevant details. For example, IFSC codes. When we were faced with the problem of validating and querying IFSC codes, we could not find a decent API available on the internet (or a proper dataset) that gave us everything we needed. So we built our own and we are open-sourcing the same today.


The open source IFSC toolkit includes an API, the dataset downloads, and the source code to generate the entire dataset from the RBI website. You can find all these details at

All the source code is released under an MIT License and we are open to Pull Requests to help us improve the code. We’d like to work on client APIs for validation and language specific libraries which package the entire dataset smartly. We even have a tiny bloom-filter version of the dataset which can validate IFSC codes in just 265kb. We’ll be running our API service for the community as well as using it internally.

This toolkit is an example of the kind of side-projects the tech team takes up and through which we aim to give back to the community. We follow a simple rule that if a project isn’t business critical, we open source it. Also, we are hiring across roles for our tech team and all the information for this is available at



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