Ever since we started Razorpay, we’ve been contributing to open source and making our work open whenever we could. We open-sourced concierge, a way to open leases on AWS Security Groups almost a year back.


Our language SDKs (currently Ruby and PHP) are also developed on GitHub publicly where you can file issues and help us make it better. (We also accept Pull Requests).

Today, we are happy to announce that we are open-sourcing all of our custom integrations and plugins. This includes plugins for the following E-Commerce Platforms:

It also includes our Cordova plugin, which can also be found on GitHub

and our Sample Android App.

The sample app is also available on the Play Store

and you’ll get an update whenever there is a new release for the Android SDK.

Our plugins and integrations have gone through a cycle of closed beta testing with early adopters, public release, and now open sourcing them for anyone to use and contribute. The licenses we are using are compatible with the ones used by the core frameworks themselves. You can see the individual repos for more details on licensing.

All further development on these integrations will be done on GitHub, where you can file pull requests and issues. We are also hard at work on more integrations, including a language SDK for Python and Node.JS. Expect these to be announced soon.


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