Curious about what India was up to last year? We looked into India’s payments data from the last financial year and the results are pretty interesting.

 In “Office, Box Office and Bazaar – A Year in Payments,” we take a closer look at how India spent its money and rediscovered its love for the simple pleasures of life. 

FY23 was the year we got back to living our lives to the fullest, from returning to the office, dining out, travelling, and watching movies in packed theatres, to shopping in physical stores, we seemed to have done it all. 

We went out, celebrated and rediscovered our love of being in the company of those that matter to us. But that wasn’t all! While this was the year we chose to step out and have fun, two days in the year were an exception to that trend. We held our breath, sat glued to our screens and celebrated quite a bit on these two special days where we were more than happy to stay indoors! 

To know exactly which two days these were and to know more about how Indians spent their money in a year that redefined the word “payback”, check out the full report below.

Note: All findings in this report are based on transactions held on Razorpay platform between April 2022 and March 2023. Growth percentages are a comparison between FY23 and FY22 (unless specified otherwise). Offline data is from is from Razorpay’s offline payments platform, Ezetap.












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