Despite the rapid growth of UPI as a payment method, interestingly many Indian consumers still prefer ‘Cards’ for higher value transactions. We found that for transaction amounts over INR 10,000, Card payments account for approx 20% of transaction volume. It is therefore still an extremely critical payment method today, even more so for businesses that are selling high value products to affluent consumers.

The Achilles’ heel of card payments – The Bank OTP page

In the card payment flow today, the bank OTP (One-Time Password) page remains the number one point of failure, presenting challenges for both merchants and customers alike. Today, we delve into this issue and unveil a game-changing solution from Razorpay Optimizer that promises to revolutionize the card payment experience that businesses offer their customers.

Unlock the industry’s favourite, Razorpay Universal Native OTP on Optimizer.

Spike success rate up to 6%, across payment gateways



There are three primary factors contributing to the woes associated with the bank OTP page:

  • Redirection to an External Page: Traditionally, customers are redirected to an external bank OTP page during the payment process, disrupting the seamless flow of the transaction. Also, as we know – every additional hop in a digital journey increases the potential points of failure.
  • Mobile Optimization Challenges: Many bank OTP pages are not optimized for mobile devices, leading to compatibility issues and frustrating experiences for users attempting to complete transactions on smartphones or tablets.
  • Human Error in OTP Entry: Despite the simplicity of the OTP process, there remains a significant risk of customers entering the OTP incorrectly, further complicating and delaying the payment process.

Introducing Razorpay Native OTP – Now on Non Razorpay Payment Gateways as well

Enter Razorpay’s Native OTP solution, a groundbreaking innovation designed to address these pain points head-on. This solution represents a paradigm shift in the payment landscape, offering merchants and customers alike a streamlined and hassle-free experience from start to finish.

With Razorpay’s Native OTP solution, customers no longer face the inconvenience of being redirected to an external OTP page. Instead, they can seamlessly enter their OTP directly during the checkout process, eliminating unnecessary steps and reducing the likelihood of transaction failure.

Moreover, Razorpay’s Native OTP page is highly optimized for mobile devices, ensuring compatibility across a wide range of mobile devices and all kinds of browsers. It also works seamlessly on low internet speeds. This commitment to accessibility and user experience underscores Razorpay’s dedication to empowering businesses to reach and engage with customers on any platform or device.

Automatic detection and submission of OTP

But the innovation doesn’t stop there. For merchants utilizing Razorpay’s Android SDK, the Native OTP solution comes bundled with Razorpay OTP Assist, a cutting-edge feature that streamlines the OTP entry process even further. With Razorpay OTP Assist, customers no longer need to fumble with their SMS applications to retrieve and input the OTP manually. Instead, Razorpay automatically detects and submits the OTP on behalf of the customer, further reducing friction and enhancing the overall payment experience.


This solution allows merchants to offer a super smooth payment experience to their customers. Beyond the intangible experience, merchants are witnessing a staggering 6% increase in median SR (Success Rate). The combined effect is  a boost in revenue for businesses and also a significant enhancement in customer satisfaction and loyalty.

What’s more, this solution is available for all Optimizer merchants using Razorpay standard checkout integration by default.

Interested to experience Razorpay’s Native OTP solution on your existing payment gateways? Reach out to us here.


Ashish is a product marketer at Razorpay. When he isn't working on bringing the latest payment innovations to market, one would find him listening to an NPR podcast while trying to make round rotis.

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