VS Mani & Co. is my attempt to recapture the familial warmth and love that enveloped us. When you sample the wholesome delicacies that brought us together, I hope you are reminded of your home and family too.– Mr Yashas, Founder, VS Mani & Co.

In this Magic Checkout case study, let’s explore how VS Mani & Co. envisaged becoming a household name for their flavorsome South Indian filter coffee and snacks. But their pursuit of reaching out to every nook and corner of this nation wasn’t all plain sailing.

Let’s find out how VS Mani & Co.’s zeal to fulfill their dreams encouraged them to join hands with Razorpay Magic Checkout, a one click checkout solution and how this partnership benefited them.

Meet VS Mani & Co.

VS Mani Team <> A Magic Checkout case study

The story of VS Mani & Co. starts in a quiet, idyllic corner of Madras, where I lived with my parents, and my doting grandparents, VS Thatha and Rajam Paati. Life lessons were aplenty and I imbibed them unconsciously. I learnt my first lessons in finance, time management, career planning, and even philosophy, over lively discussions at the dining table. We want VS Mani & Co to become the go-to brand for South Indian Filter Coffee and Snacks.

VS Mani & Co. offers a wide selection of authentic South Indian packaged foods, such as coffee decoction, instant coffee, filter coffee, snacks, and spices. They have more than 1,00,000 customers, and their distribution channels for their toothsome products are Amazon, eCommerce apps, and retail stores based in Bangalore. The brand aims to build a South Indian-focused brand and extend their reach to a larger part of the country and internationally. 

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The Challenge

Slow Checkout Leading to Low Order Conversion Rate 

VS Mani & Co.’s checkout process required customers to enter multiple details, such as contact, delivery, and payment details, every time they wanted to make a purchase. This usually would take anywhere between 1.5-3 mins.  The need to go through this whole time-consuming process was taxing and would often result in shoppers dropping off at the last minute! 

With so many customers abandoning their purchases during the checkout process, their customer acquisition cost (CAC) was higher than ideal and conversion rates were lower than desired, negatively impacting their business growth and revenue.

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The Solution

5X Faster, One Click Checkout – One Solution for Every Challenge

With Razorpay Magic Checkout, VS Mani & Co.’s customers never have to worry about completing multiple steps to place an order, and neither have to fill in long account creation forms. Magic Checkout automatically prefills contact, delivery & payment details for shoppers, allowing them to complete their purchase 5X faster. The result is fewer drop-offs during the checkout process, which boosted the order conversion rate.

The Impact 

Impact of Magic Checkout, a one click checkout solution on VS Mani

Mr Yashas on Razorpay Magic Checkout 

VS Mani & Co on Magic checkout <> A Magic Checkout case study

Boost Your Order Conversion Rate with Razorpay Magic Checkout 

VS Mani & Co.’s remarkable journey to success serves as a testament to the power of efficiency and user-friendly experiences in the eCommerce industry. To emulate their achievements and enhance your own business, it is crucial to consider implementing Razorpay Magic Checkout. With its array of powerful features and capabilities, this innovative payment solution can revolutionize your eCommerce store’s checkout process and drive unprecedented growth. with Magic Checkout, businesses can offer a frictionless and hassle-free checkout experience to their customers. By eliminating unnecessary steps and simplifying the payment process, this solution helps to minimize drop-offs, maximize sales, and improve customer satisfaction.

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