We have devised a unique tea-sourcing process. We work with India’s iconic tea gardens to procure teas within 24 to 48 hours of sampling and keep them under 3-4% moisture levels. Next, we hand sort and clean the whole leaves for impurities before we vacuum pack and store them in a controlled, dehumidified environment. This guarantees their freshness. Teabox. 

Unveil the transformative story of Teabox with the Magic Checkout case study. Teabox harbored a resolute vision: to elevate Indian tea onto the illustrious global platform. However, their noble endeavor to actualize this ambition was not without its fair share of obstacles. Embark on a captivating journey through Teabox’s remarkable inception, their triumph over significant challenges, and the game-changing influence of Razorpay Magic Checkout—a seamless one-click checkout solution. Explore how Teabox left an indelible mark on the tea industry, shaping a transformative narrative of success.

About Teabox 

A good story always has a great villain. In my scenario, it was the ageist notions of the Indian tea industry which reserved its finest teas for export purposes. What was available to people was access to inferior tea variants and not the ideal tea-drinking experience they deserved. I realized it was high time to bring recognition to the beguiling world of Indian teas and put it on the global map.– Kaushal Dugar, the founder of Teabox.

Established in the year 2015, Teabox embarked on a transformative journey with a clear mission. Under the visionary leadership of its founder, Kaushal Dugar, the brand aimed to revolutionize the tea industry.

Kaushal Dugar firmly believed in the significance of freshness when it comes to tea—an agricultural product that shares similarities with fruits and vegetables. This truth, unfortunately, remained concealed by renowned tea brands.

Setting themselves apart, Teabox adopted a meticulous approach by sourcing tea and promptly packaging it within a remarkable 48-hour timeframe. The teas were then stored at -5 degrees Celsius, utilizing an advanced cold chain process. Notably, the brand stood as the sole brand in India to employ such a sophisticated method, ensuring the preservation of aroma, taste, and authenticity in their tea offerings.

With unwavering commitment, the brand consistently delivers an unparalleled tea experience to tea enthusiasts worldwide.

We want to look at tea as not just a beverage but a catalyst for impact and entrepreneurship.

In the tea industry, where local laborers play a vital role, Teabox stands resolute in their commitment to social responsibility. By providing livelihood opportunities to these individuals, the brand actively contributes to their well-being and creates a positive social impact. Through their dedicated efforts, Teabox fosters economic growth and empowers communities in which they operate.

The Challenge 

A Complicated Checkout

As Teabox’s direct-to-consumer (D2C) business flourished, their focus shifted towards optimizing their D2C store. It became evident that their current checkout process was not user-friendly, causing inconvenience and complexity. Customers encountered a time-consuming and cumbersome checkout experience, involving multiple form-fills and inadequate coupon discovery. Consequently, this led to a significant increase in cart abandonment rates as customers hesitated to complete their orders.

Low Order Conversion Rate 

The complexity of Teabox’s checkout process resulted in a significant increase in cart abandonment rates, ultimately leading to a decline in order conversion rate. Conversions are crucial for business success, and when they fall short, it directly impacts revenue generation. Despite successfully driving traffic to their D2C store, the brand faced the challenge of a meager percentage of visitors completing purchases. Recognizing the need for a more efficient and streamlined solution, Teabox sought a faster one-click checkout system to address the cart abandonment issue and boost order conversion rates simultaneously.

The Solution 

Razorpay Magic Checkout- A One-Click Checkout Solution to the Rescue 

Teabox sought a checkout partner to enhance the customer purchase journey by reducing cart abandonment rates and boosting order conversion rates. Razorpay Magic Checkout emerged as the ideal solution, enabling their customers to enjoy a seamless and efficient one-click checkout experience.

With Magic Checkout, customers bid farewell to lengthy account creation forms and embraced a streamlined shopping process reminiscent of top eCommerce platforms like Amazon. Magic Checkout effortlessly prefilled contact and delivery details for returning customers within the Magic Checkout network stores, resulting in a checkout speed that was 5X faster. This transformative solution ensured a swift and secure shopping experience for Teabox’s valued customers.

The Impact 

Impact on Decorfur <> A Magic Checkout case study

Kaushal Dugar, Founder of Teabox on Razorpay Magic Checkout 

Razorpay Magic Checkout’s impact has been huge. We have seen a whopping 75% increment in our order conversion rate! Anyone not using Magic Checkout is missing out on a huge opportunity from a growth perspective because Magic helps eCommerce businesses unlock growth without spending much. The team behind Magic Checkout has been exceptional—proactive, responsive, and truly phenomenal. We wholeheartedly recommend it to everyone without hesitation.

Boost Your Order Conversion Rate with Razorpay Magic Checkout 

Experience the synergy of success with Razorpay Magic Checkout. This cutting-edge one-click checkout solution empowers businesses to conquer cart abandonment rates and ignite a surge in order conversion rates. Just as Teabox embarked on a transformative journey, now is your chance to unlock the potential of seamless transactions. Elevate your business with Razorpay Magic Checkout and let your conversions soar to new heights.

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