From a passion to a business, I’m grateful to see my creations embraced by so many beautiful people!

Explore the Magic Checkout case study as Dr. Sneha’s words are met with a chuckle. Much like MACS Jewelry, numerous businesses in India have origins in someone’s hobby. Yet, the transition from passion to business comes with its set of challenges. Let’s explore the hurdles MACS Jewelry encountered, how they navigated through them, and the pivotal role Razorpay Magic Checkout—a one-click checkout solution—played in the growth of MACS Jewelry.

About MACS Jewelry

In 2012, Dr. Sneha Robin brought MACS Jewelry to life. What started as a passion for crafting paper and clay jewelry quickly grew into a thriving online store. MACS Jewelry, under Dr. Sneha’s guidance, focuses on handcrafted 925 hallmark pure silver jewelry and rare vintage pieces sourced from Indian tribal villages. Over the past decade, the brand has expanded its reach globally.

Each MACS piece begins with a 92.5 sterling silver base, blending contemporary and classic designs. The final touch involves gold polish, dual-tone finishes, and oxidized styles, often adorned with semiprecious stones. Beyond silver jewelry, they also offers captivating vintage tribal pieces from various parts of India.

Dr. Sneha’s commitment goes beyond aesthetics. Coming from a family of priests, she believes in giving back, allocating at least 10% of their profits to selected charities.

“One of MACS’ strengths lies in the skilled artisans we work with, carrying on a craft passed down through generations.” – Dr. Sneha Robin

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Building Trust: The Bedrock of E-Commerce Success

Winning trust was a big deal for MACS Jewelry. They sold premium quality jewelry, but the worry was losing customers who didn’t trust the site. It turns out that only an aesthetically pleasing website wasn’t enough – they needed a trust badge to do the trick. And finding the right one, though, turned into a real puzzle.

The Swift Checkout Dilemma at MACS Jewelry

Checkout shouldn’t feel like a marathon. For the brand, the speed bumps in their checkout process were real. Dr. Sneha, the force behind MACS, wasn’t a fan of waiting either, and she sensed her customers felt the same. Their checkout demanded a time investment of 1.5-3 minutes, pushing customers to abandon their carts, inevitably leading to a high cart abandonment rate.


Trust Reinvented with Razorpay’s Trusted Business Badge

Trust, the cornerstone of online success, is paramount for e-commerce businesses, as almost 30 out of every 100 users hesitate due to trust issues. 

In a bid to fortify customer trust, MACS Jewelry swiftly allied with Razorpay, obtaining the vital seal of trust their website craved. The introduction of the Razorpay Trusted Business badge was the catalyst that not only instilled trust but also propelled MACS Jewelry to a higher order share. Placing the RTB badge right on the checkout page worked wonders, transforming hesitant visitors into confident buyers.

Streamlined Shopping Delight with Razorpay Magic Checkout

The brand prioritized speedy transactions and an enhanced shopping journey, leading them to integrate Razorpay Magic Checkout, a one-click checkout solution. This enhancement resulted in customers enjoying a remarkable 5X acceleration during the checkout process, with the system seamlessly pre-filling crucial details like contact, shipping, and payment information.

Benefiting from a widespread network encompassing over 200 million customers, Razorpay Magic Checkout facilitated a seamless shift towards a more polished, customer-focused checkout process. This change elevated the entire shopping experience for MACS’ customer base, significantly boosting the order conversion rate.

Impact Impact of Magic Checkout on MACS Jewelry

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A Few Words by Dr. Sneha Robin, Founder of MACS Jewelry 

Testimonial by MACS Jewelry for Magic Checkout case study

Unlock the Potential of Seamless Checkout with Razorpay Magic Checkout

MACS Jewelry’s triumphant journey stands as a guiding light for businesses tackling similar hurdles. If your organization grapples with trust-building and the specter of cart abandonment, fear not. Razorpay Magic Checkout is the solution your business needs. Streamline your checkout process, instill trust, and bid farewell to cart abandonment worries. We are here to help you! 

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