“Having grown up around fragrances, I have always been drawn to them, and as I explored them more, I realised that Indian perfumery has its unique charm. There are a lot of people who appreciate it but know little about the art. Thus, through ISAK, I intend to talk more about our roots, heritage and the charm in Indian perfumery and introduce it to the rest of the world to be mesmerised with” – Vidushi Vijayvergiya.

Introducing the “Magic Checkout Case Study” featuring ISAK Fragrances: Isak always wanted their perfumes to reach every Indian household, and to do that, they knew they needed a checkout partner who would help them deliver their perfumes with confidence. That’s when they joined hands with Razorpay Magic Checkout. Here’s the inspirational case study of ISAK Fragrances, who dramatically reduced their RTO rate on COD orders with Razorpay Magic Checkout’s help. 

Meet the Team 

Meet Isak's team <> A Magic Checkout case study

“ISAK is a Hindi word derived from ‘ISHQ’. It is pronounced as /IS(e)K/ and is largely used in the heartland of Uttar Pradesh, also our home. We believe that fragrance is a thread that runs through history, a path between the past and present. Our scents are remnants of cultural heritage, handed down by generations in shared memories and dedication to skill.”

Vidushi Vijayvergiya is a perfumer and serial entrepreneur. Her interest in aroma started in Switzerland, France, and India. She realised the vast potential India-made perfumery possessed worldwide. Her interest made her start her brand, “ISAK”, which offers exquisite blends, perfumes, and carefully created perfumery kits for people with different tastes and likes. 

ISAK has one goal: to offer premium quality, long-lasting and niche perfumes at an affordable price since they directly manufacture the products. ISAK wants to bring back the charm of Indian perfumery and share its beautiful nuances, purity, rarity and unique extractions techniques by crafting soulful fragrances.

“As our biggest strength lies in our continuation to be artisanal, handcrafted and original over the years and not get touched by the commerciality in an industry that’s otherwise mass and stereotypical, ISAK represents who we are. We have managed to survive and thrive over the last century and a half because, while staying true to our founding roots, we have remained relevant to the current times.”

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The Challenge 

The Neverending RTO Rates on COD Orders 

The high RTO rates on COD orders were the biggest challenge for ISAK. They knew this neverending saga of high RTO rates was eating a massive margin of their profits. ISAK needed an immediate solution, and that’s when they learned about Razorpay Magic Checkout and its RTO Reduction Solutions. High RTO rates were becoming a nuisance for ISAK because the RTO rate was as high as 25% for the company. 

The Solution 

COD RTO Intelligence to the Rescue 

After having a conversation with the Razorpay Magic Checkout team and understanding the benefit COD RTO Intelligence could bring them, they opted for Razorpay Magic Checkout. They saw a drastic reduction in their RTO rates on COD orders. 

Magic Checkout’s proprietary RTO Intelligence algorithm analysed each order for ISAK. It disabled the COD option for high-risk orders with a high propensity to RTO based on shoppers’ historic RTO patterns, address accuracy and hundreds of other parameters.  

The best benefit we have seen is the reduction in the COD return rates. We used to have 25% COD return rates which are now lower than 10%. This is a big win as it helps save on costs.

The Impact 

Case study- Magic Checkout's impact

Vidushi Vijayvergiya on Razorpay Magic Checkout 

Case Study Isak Testimonial <> a Magic Checkout case study

Bring Down RTO Rates with Razorpay Magic Checkout

When there is a will to reduce the RTO rate, there is a way, and for ISAK, the way was Razorpay Magic Checkout. If you are searching for a solution to reduce the RTO rate for your business, it’s time to take the RTO rate seriously and bring the number down. 

Every business wants to grow, and with the help of Razorpay Magic Checkout, your dream of becoming successful and reducing the RTO rate can become a reality. And we can help you bring down your high RTO rate efficiently. So, let’s join hands and make your business a success! 

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