When we started our own business, things were really hard. But we didn’t give up, and now we have more than 200 people working with us. – Alok Paul, Co-founder of Berrylush

In this Magic Checkout case study, let’s reflect on Berrylush’s beginnings, as Mr. Alok Paul recalls the tough times they faced. As the saying goes, where there is a will, there is a way, Berrylush indeed found its way. Let’s learn more about Berrylush, how they tackled challenges, and the important role Razorpay Magic Checkout, a one-click checkout solution, played in overcoming those challenges.

Crafting Elegance: The Berrylush Story

Founded by the dynamic duo Alok Paul and Anusha Chandrashekar, both accomplished graduates of IIM, Berrylush emerged six years ago as their visionary brainchild. Despite the initial hurdles, Alok and Anusha’s steadfast passion and determination have elevated Berrylush into a cherished brand among modern women. Today, it stands tall with a flourishing team of over 200 professionals and an impressive collection of 1500+ styles.

For Every Kind of Woman 

The brand caters to the carefree yet sweet-spirited woman with an ever-evolving and radiant personality, irrespective of size or shape. The brand fills a crucial gap in the Indian retail space by providing affordable, high-quality, well-fitted, bold, and stylish Western wear. 

Local Love and Quality Rules

With an in-house team dedicated to crafting perfect looks for millennial women, Berrylush proudly supports the local community by exclusively manufacturing its products in India, with a particular emphasis on female employment. A rigorous 5-step quality assurance process ensures that each garment reflects the brand’s commitment to both fashion and reliability.

Myntra’s Trusted House of Brands

Berrylush has earned its place in Myntra’s Brand Accelerator Programme, a platform designed to boost emerging Indian fashion brands with high growth potential. Recognizing the brand’s outstanding performance, the brand has become an integral part of Myntra’s “House of Brands.”

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Cash-on-Delivery Crossroads at Berrylush

The brand faced a substantial number of customers opting for the cash-on-delivery (COD) payment method. Understandably, customers sought assurance in the reliability of the brand. However, a challenge arose when certain COD orders turned out to be fraudulent. Despite the brand’s commitment to offering high-quality products at an affordable price, it found itself needing to discern between genuine and deceptive COD transactions, as fraud poses a threat to growth.


COD Conundrum Solved: The Razorpay Magic Checkout Miracle

Upon integrating Razorpay Magic Checkout, the brand found a COD savior. Magic Checkout swiftly identified risky orders through comprehensive transaction analysis, leveraging historical Return-to-Origin patterns. It handled address validation, detecting inaccuracies and gibberish, and ensuring completeness before flagging high-risk orders and disabling COD.

Magic Checkout not only managed risk but also made the checkout process five times faster, freeing customers from lengthy forms. The result? A streamlined and efficient checkout that enhanced the brand’s overall shopping experience.


Magic's impact on Berrylush <> Magic Checkout case study

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Alok Paul, Co-founder of Berrylush on Razorpay Magic Checkout

We appreciate the support provided by the Magic Checkout team. Their solution perfectly meets our needs, significantly enhancing the overall user experience. Magic Checkout streamlined the checkout process and seamlessly integrated with the website’s user interface. The presentation of multiple payment methods on a single screen is a definite plus. Importantly, it has empowered us to manage fraudulent orders efficiently.

Razorpay Magic Checkout: Your Shield Against Fraudulent Orders

If Berrylush’s challenge strikes a chord with your brand, you’re not alone. Don’t let fraudulent COD orders impede your business growth. We’re here to handle fraudulent orders on your behalf and disable the COD payment method for such cases. Let Magic Checkout be your solution!

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