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Introducing Amazfit: a powerhouse in the world of fitness technology. Dive into their inspirational journey through the Magic Checkout case study and witness the transformation in their business after implementing Razorpay Magic Checkout, a seamless one-click checkout solution.

About Amazfit 

“We fuse fashion and innovative technology to allow smart devices to become a vehicle of personal style, connecting every aspect of future lives. From a market-leading sensor innovation to the world’s first curved display, every series of Amazfit’s ever-evolving product range is a testament to our pursuit of bringing smart hardware technology and innovative product design together.”– Amazfit. 

Amazfit, a part of Zepp Health, is a leading global smart wearable brand focusing on health and fitness. They had their inception in 2015 and has customers from more than 90 countries across the USA, EMEA, and APAC regions. The headquarter is in Hefei, China. In India, they launched in 2018 and primarily have their distribution team here. 

Although 90-95% of their business comes from online platforms, such as Amazon and Flipkart, D2C has helped them understand the real picture of their products. D2C has enabled them to engage with their customers directly, learn about their customers’ experiences and improve their marketing strategies accordingly. The brand has its own R&D, manufacturing, chipsets, robust technology and product.  

“Our smartwatches have won many design awards, including the iF Design and Red Dot Design awards.”

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The Challenge 

Marketing and Lower Conversion Rate 

Amazfit’s smartwatch market share was 26%. They saw 500% business growth, but their share dropped in the last couple of years. With new brands evolving daily and offering smartwatches at a lower price, the overriding concern was how to market their premium products in India and boost their order conversion rate. 

The brand was clear with its marketing strategy. They didn’t want to go overboard with spending a lot but strategically and tactfully targeted the audience. Their objective was to target customers who believe in quality products. 

Since competitors were everywhere, it made sense for the brand to make the most of the existing customer base coming onto their website and significantly optimise their order conversion rates.

The Solution 

Great Analytics, 5x Faster, One-Click Checkout- Razorpay Magic

After Amazfit joined hands with Razorpay Magic Checkout, the brand no longer had to worry about analytics and lower order conversion rates. Razorpay Magic Checkout, a one-click checkout solution provided them with excellent analytics visibility and insights about each order, cart abandonment rate, conversion rate, and more which helped them devise a more informed marketing strategy. 

Razorpay Magic Checkout removed the redundancy of creating accounts for their customers. It remembered & recognised their customers across businesses, removing the hassle of creating new store accounts and remembering passwords. Razorpay Magic Checkout automatically prefilled contact & delivery details of previously shopped customers from Magic Checkout network stores, which allowed Amazfit’s customers to checkout 5x faster. 

The brand enabled COD intelligence, which analyzed each COD order. It automatically disabled the COD option for high-risk users where the propensity to RTO is high based on customers’ historic RTO patterns across hundreds of brands in the Magic Checkout network. This led to reduced RTO rates and lower COD orders. 

The Impact 

Magic Checkout case study <> AmazfitRead Also: Fire-Boltt Increased its Order Conversion Rate by 50% and Reduced its RTO Rate by 33%!

Amazfit on Razorpay Magic Checkout 

“Magic Checkout has an incredible team who have constantly been there. Magic team has been so proactive in taking care of my store and launching new features, all towards scaling our D2C business. We aimed for a higher-order conversion rate, and Magic Checkout increased our order conversion rate by a whopping 40%, more than we expected. We are delighted to see the results and would recommend Magic Checkout to all D2C brands.”- Amazfit.

Boost Your Order Conversion Rate with Razorpay Magic Checkout, a One-Click Checkout Solution 

Amazfit’s road to success is nothing short of inspiration. If you want your eCommerce store’s checkout to become 5X faster and boost your order conversion rate, contact the Razorpay Magic Checkout team today. 

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Magic Checkout Case Study- Link

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