One-click checkout solution provided by Razorpay Magic has helped us improve our order conversion rate tremendously. Our customers are now happy because they no longer have to fill out multiple forms just to complete their orders. This remarkable product has truly transformed our business operations.– Mr. Prashant Powle, founder of Alphonso Mango. 

Alphonso Mango had a vision of providing a customized checkout experience to their customers, and partnering with Razorpay Magic Checkout has brought about remarkable positive changes. Explore in this Magic Checkout case study how the one-click checkout solution by Razorpay revolutionized the overall checkout experience for Alphonso Mango’s valued customers, igniting a surge in their order conversion rate. Read on to learn more!

About Alphonso Mango 

We strive to deliver fresh, naturally-grown produce picked right from the farms to your doorstep. At, we have eliminated the exploitative practice of brokerage to provide farm-fresh mangoes at the ease of a click!– Mr. Prashant Powle, founder of Alphonso Mango.

Mr. Prashant Powle spearheaded a task force that embarked on an ambitious expedition to remote villages situated in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Uttarakhand, and Kashmir. They aimed to discover honest and hardworking farmers employing traditional natural farming techniques to cultivate superior produce. This research led to the launch of their website in 2019, enabling nationwide delivery services.

They offer an array of products, including Hapus mangoes, cashews, Bibba (marking tree), kokum, kokum butter, nutmeg sourced from Konkan and Kerala, Kesar Mangoes from Gujarat, raisins from Nashik vineyards, spices from Karnataka, and saffron from Kashmir. Additionally, their assortment features a wide selection of edible seeds like quinoa, flax, pista, almonds, cashew nuts, raisins, chia seeds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, and much more.

Alphonso Mango, known for its exceptional quality, has received a prestigious GI tag certification. Notable associations such as Kelshi Amba Utpadak Sangha, Ratnagiri Amba Utpadak Sangha, and Devgad Amba Utpadak Sangha played a vital role in securing this certification for Alphonso Mango in Maharashtra.

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The Dilemma: A Complex and Slow Checkout Flow

Alphonso Mango’s founder, Mr. Prashant Powle, encountered a significant challenge with their checkout process. He noticed that it was slow and complicated, causing customers to leave without completing their orders. The existing checkout system was inconvenient and confusing, with multiple steps and forms to fill out. As a result, many customers abandoned their carts, leading to a drop in the conversion rate.

The Real Struggle: Low Order Conversion Rate

Alphonso Mango faced a pressing dilemma: the complexity of their checkout process resulted in more customers abandoning their carts and fewer orders being completed. Order conversions are essential for business success, and the decrease in conversion rate directly impacted revenue. Alphonso Mango sought a faster and simpler one-click checkout solution to overcome this challenge.

The Solution

Lightning-Fast – Magic Checkout’s 5X Faster One-Click Solution!

Alphonso Mango found the perfect solution with Razorpay Magic Checkout. By implementing Magic Checkout, they transformed the customer purchase journey into a seamless and efficient one-click experience.

Magic Checkout eliminated lengthy account creation forms and streamlined the shopping process, resembling popular eCommerce platforms like Amazon. Customers could enjoy the convenience of prefilled contact and delivery details, making the checkout process 5X faster.

Fun fact: Any customer who has shopped at Magic Checkout network stores can enjoy a checkout experience that is 5X faster, even if it is their first time shopping at a particular store! 

This powerful solution ensured swift and secure shopping for Alphonso Mango’s valued customers by reducing cart abandonment rate.

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The Impact 

One-click checkout's impact <> A Magic Checkout case study

Mr. Prashant Powle, Founder of Alphonso Mango on Razorpay Magic Checkout 

Razorpay’s Magic Checkout, the one-click checkout solution, has worked wonders for us at Alphonso Mango. It has significantly boosted our order conversion rate by an impressive 52%. What’s even better is that our customers love the checkout experience. Their positive feedback greatly benefits me because I genuinely care about their satisfaction. Thank you Magic Checkout for making all of this possible!

Supercharge Your Order Conversion Rate with Razorpay Magic Checkout

This state-of-the-art, one-click checkout solution empowers businesses to overcome the challenge of high cart abandonment rates and witness a remarkable boost in order conversion rates. Just like Alphonso Mango, who experienced a remarkable transformation, now it’s your turn to tap into the incredible potential of frictionless transactions. Take your business to new heights with Razorpay Magic Checkout and witness your conversions skyrocket.

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