In the eCommerce realm, one of the most commonly heard terms is Return to Origin or RTO. Return to Origin is the process where a product never reaches the end customer and returns back to the store for multiple reasons, such as the customer not being available at the doorstep, the delivery address being incorrect, and more. But how well does an eCommerce store know about its RTO data? For any eCommerce store, RTO data is pivotal as it can help online stores minimize their RTO rate.   

The data provides detailed insights about how many orders are RTOed, why the orders RTOed, and the action online businesses can take to reduce their RTO rate. All this inevitably helps eCommerce businesses bring down their RTO numbers. RTO data is worth more than a diamond in eCommerce. And to simplify RTO analytics for eCommerce and D2C businesses, Razorpay Magic Checkout is here with the RTO Analytics dashboard.

RTO Analytics- Product Overview

To anyone new to Razorpay Magic Checkout, Magic Checkout is a one-click checkout solution for eCommerce and D2C brands who want to simplify the overall shopping and checkout experience for online shoppers.

Magic Checkout eliminates the arduous task of filling multiple forms to create an account and allows shoppers to checkout 5X faster. 

Additionally, Magic Checkout’s proprietary RTO Intelligence algorithm automatically disables the COD option on the payment screen for high-risk orders with a high propensity to RTO based on shoppers’ historic RTO patterns, address accuracy, and other parameters, helping businesses reduce their RTO rates. 

Razorpay Magic Checkout understands the importance of keeping track of RTO data, which is why it now provides an RTO Analytics dashboard within the Razorpay dashboard that provides insights to merchants about their RTO patterns. E-commerce and D2C brands can now find adequate RTO data on the dashboard itself. 

Here’s what an eCommerce business and D2C brand can check to understand how their RTO rates are faring with Razorpay Magic Checkout:

Understand RTO Propensity to orders

The RTO Analytics dashboard shows the following critical data of up to the last 90 days:

  1. Total Successful Orders – The blue bar indicates the total number of orders placed by shoppers.
  2. Total Successful Orders Marked Risky-  The red bar indicates risky orders; orders for which the COD option was disabled automatically on the payments screen.
  3. Total Successful Orders Marked Safe- The green bar indicates safe orders, orders that were deemed safe by Magic Checkout’s risk algorithm.

Apart from these three key metrics, one will also get to learn about the following:

  • As one can see from the data below, the dashboard clearly identifies the reason for flagging an order as a high-risk order, such as the shipping address being incorrect, multiple orders placed from the same email ID for the same order within 24 hours,  multiple orders placed from the same phone number for the same order within 24 hours, etc.

Reasons for flagging orders as "high risk"

  • The dashboard also calls out the orders that were marked safe by the RTO Intelligence but still ended up in an RTO. In case of such events (which happens rarely), Magic Checkout’s RTO Protection will come into the picture, meaning the shipping cost for such orders will be reimbursed back to the brand.
  • Magic Checkout also provides multiple actionable insights for eCommerce businesses to reduce RTOs further. For instance, if a particular pin code or IP address has an exceptionally high RTO rate compared to others, one can instantly block that specific pin code or IP address.

Actionable insights to reduce RTO

To start using this RTO Analytics dashboard, the eCommerce/D2C brand will have to enable Razorpay Magic Checkout, “sync” their logistics account with Razorpay and turn on RTO Intelligence.

The Overarching Benefit

Everybody knows how painful a high Return to Origin rate can be, and to tackle this challenge, Magic Checkout’s proprietary RTO Intelligence can help eCommerce businesses disable COD payment methods for orders that are marked risky. Imagine the number of orders returning to the warehouse because the eCommerce store didn’t know these were high-risk orders! They would have lost a lot of money. 

And even if a few orders that were marked safe by Magic Checkout’s  RTO intelligence end up getting RTOed, eCommerce businesses don’t need to worry about the additional shipping cost since Magic Checkout will reimburse it. 

Nothing needs to be done to enable RTO Analytics. The dashboard will be available automatically to eCommerce businesses and D2C brands who have already opted for RTO Intelligence.

Wrapping Up

It’s time to understand orders better. To get started simply enable Magic Checkout and RTO Intelligence. The RTO Analytics dashboard will be available automatically. Magic Checkout is here to help eCommerce businesses and D2C brands find every detail about their orders. Start analysing the orders that are risky and safe to make better business decisions. 


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