When it comes to reward programs, brands find themselves at a crossroads: Should they opt for the tried and tested discounts and offers that everyone is doing, or dare to carve out their own distinctive path? Here’s the thing – in today’s crowded market, everyone’s shouting for their customers’ attention with the same old rewards. 

So, in an environment where consumers are bombarded with a constant barrage of promotions, simply offering rewards is no longer sufficient. While partnering with banks and brands to offer incentives can be beneficial, the current model often faces limitations as these partnerships are resource-intensive, time-consuming, and lack scalability. 

The real trick is cutting through all the noise and giving customers something that truly makes their time worthwhile. Something that leaves a lasting impression and keeps them coming back for more. It’s about offering an experience that’s not just about offering lower prices, but about forging genuine connections. Imagine, instead of generic offer websites, a dynamic ecosystem where partners seamlessly collaborate to create highly personalised, targeted rewards that benefit everyone.

Introducing Razorpay Rewards Marketplace: Something for everyone

With Razorpay Rewards Marketplace, we’re flipping the script on how brands choose their rewards. Instead of juggling a bunch of different platforms and offers, everything you need is right here, in one marketplace. From a wide array of gift cards to innovative offers, our marketplace caters to diverse preferences, ensuring that businesses can tailor their rewards program to meet the unique needs of their audience. 


What’s wrong with sticking to the status quo?

  • Fragmented Experience: Multiple vendors, platforms, and processes create a disjointed experience, making it difficult to manage and scale your program effectively. Moreover, this fragmentation often results in increased costs due to inefficiencies in procurement, administration, and management.
  • Reward Struggles: Finding the right rewards that resonate with your audience can be a time-consuming and frustrating process. With countless options available, ranging from gift cards to vouchers, businesses often struggle to navigate through the sea of choices to find rewards that resonate with diverse preferences. This lack of precision in reward selection not only diminishes the impact of the rewards but also wastes valuable resources. 
  • Manual Mayhem: Reconciling and settling transactions manually is tedious and eats away at valuable resources. This manual approach is time-consuming and prone to mistakes, resulting in delayed payments and frustrated stakeholders. Businesses need a more efficient and automated solution to streamline these processes and ensure timely and accurate payments.

Out with the old! Your search for the right rewards ends here.

Razorpay Rewards Marketplace is poised to revolutionize how brands search, select, and manage their reward programs. By consolidating everything onto one platform, we simplify the end-to-end processes that enable businesses to reach their goals effortlessly. Say goodbye to the hassle of navigating between different systems and wasting time trying to piece everything together. With Razorpay, everything is right at the fingertips.


  • Self-Serve Onboarding & 5X Faster Launch: Get started quickly and easily with our intuitive self-serve portal. No need for lengthy implementation cycles; launch your rewards program in a fraction of the time.
  • Personalized Rewards: Experience hyper-personalization featuring Dynamic Search, filtering, and sorting functionalities along with auto recommendations based on industry trends and past purchases.
  • Automated Order Placement & 70% Cost Savings: Eliminate manual processes and automate order placement, saving you up to 70% on operational costs. Free up your resources to focus on strategic initiatives.
  • A Single Command Center: Manage your entire rewards program from a single, user-friendly portal. Search, select, and distribute rewards effortlessly, gaining complete control over your strategy.

Features that Empower Your Business

  • 2,000+ Brand Offers & Gift Cards: Cater to diverse preferences with an extensive catalog that covers everything from popular e-commerce platforms to entertainment subscriptions and lifestyle brands.
  • Seamless Distribution Channels: Choose the method that suits you best. Distribute rewards via API, email/WhatsApp, or even leverage our white-labeled portal for a branded experience.
  • Order Management Autonomy: Take charge and manage your orders efficiently with automated fund management. Track deliveries, resend links, and access detailed reports for complete transparency.
  • Precise Selection with 20+ Filters: Target your audience with laser focus using filters like demographics, purchase history, and location. Find the perfect rewards that resonate with each customer segment.

“We have successfully incorporated the Rewards Marketplace API into our Gift Card catalog, allowing for smooth integration. The API’s fast implementation process has allowed us to effortlessly manage our gift card store, resulting in a seamless and enjoyable experience for our users.”

Shubham Verma, Product Lead (InApp Commerce), OneCard

Razorpay Rewards Marketplace emerges as a game-changer in the realm of reward management, offering businesses a comprehensive solution to overcome the challenges of fragmented experiences, inefficient reward selection, and cumbersome reconciliation processes. By consolidating everything in one place, offering diverse and innovative rewards, and providing advanced features and benefits, Razorpay empowers businesses to streamline operations, enhance engagement, and drive growth in today’s competitive landscape. 

Ready to embrace the power of Razorpay Rewards Marketplace and unlock a world of possibilities?



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