As a business, you are always pushing for more growth – through new products or solutions for your customers, by enhancing your customer experience or streamlining your company’s operations. The key to making better decisions is having more data and better analytics. And for an online business – there can be nothing more critical, than insight into your payments data.

The new Razorpay Dashboard allows you to view data such as your Payments Volume, Number of Transactions, and distribution of your payments across payment methods (Cards, Netbanking, Wallets etc) and platforms (iOS, Android, Desktop) etc. You can analyze this data grouped by hours, days, weeks or months across any timespan since you started transacting with Razorpay.

And you can view all this in the new user-friendly layout and design.

What gets better with the new design

Dashboard screenshot

The Razorpay Dashboard has been redesigned to make its homepage more intuitive to use and to make insights such as monthly Payment and Refund volumes instantly accessible.

The first section of the dashboard gives you an executive snapshot of your Payments. This includes your Payments Volume, Number of Payments and Refunds for the Last 30 days, along with your current unsettled balance with Razorpay.

  •  If you’d like to slice the data for longer or shorter periods, the snapshot can be customized for any time range from a simple drop down and a date-picker.

User selects date.png

  • For those who prefer visualizations of data instead of numbers, these reports are also available in the form of graphs
  • Each graph can be dissected further by Volume, Payment Method or Platform
  • If you see an anomaly on the chart, like a sudden rise or a dip, you can hover on that point and inside the tooltip, click on the icon to view all payments for that day, week or month.

Want to know if your promotion on UPI, is pushing up volumes on your site? Now that report is 2 clicks away on the Razorpay Dashboard

Just below the snapshot is the new Payment Insights section. Designed to help you slice your payments data into actionable insight for your business, this section helps you see the Volume and Number of Payments at a very high level of granularity.

Let’s say you are planning a credit/debit card promotion with a bank on your site. Through the Payments Insights section, you can actually see both the volume and number of payments distribution across banks. Now you know exactly what the impact of a partnership with the bank can mean for your business.

Finally – the last section of the homepage gives you the ability to see the Split of payments across platforms on your site. Are you planning to phase out your website in favor of your app? Check this section to see how it could impact your business.

With more data, higher flexibility in slicing and dicing it and an intuitive UI, we hope to provide our users relevant analytics at their fingertips.You can also download the charts as an image or the data as a spreadsheet (.csv). This gives you the ability to share this data and also add it to additional reports from the top of your funnel.

Why is it so important for businesses to have a better view into their payments

Payments are a very critical component of the user experience in an online business. Checkout abandonment can be as high as 25-30% for online businesses. This contributes to a business loss which is easily preventable and correcting it can give you the competitive edge you need.

Which payment methods are used more often to pay your business, which platforms are your users paying from – desktop or mobile? Which time of the day do you receive more business, and is there any lull period over a week or a month? Knowing this information can not only reduce your checkout abandonment but also help you make decisions to optimize your entire funnel.

Our new dashboard was designed after several exhaustive iterations that we tested out with Razorpay users via “early-access” and improvisations based on the feedbacks.

However, the quest to provide a great experience doesn’t end here. We look forward to more customer feedback and further evolution of the Razorpay Dashboard. Log in now to experience it first-hand and send us your feedback, comments, and suggestions to

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