Until recently, many small businesses didn’t even bother to setup a system to accept payments online because cash transactions worked just fine. Though online payments are simpler, faster and more secure, most of us did not take the leap to change our habits, yet. Yesterday night, our PM made an announcement that impacts the whole nation on various levels, but most importantly, this is probably the push we needed to embrace online and digital payments.


We are already seeing announcements from big online merchants that they would stop accepting cash transactions in 500 and 1000 rupee notes. But they have their online payment infrastructure already in place. But what about small or offline merchants who were not yet prepared for this move?

At Razorpay, we welcome this move, but at the same time, being an enabler of online payments, we want to do our part in helping the nation deal with this difficult but welcome change.

We are excited to announce Express Activation. For all new merchants who register on our platform, and submit their KYC documents, we will activate their accounts within 1 business hour†. If we receive submissions during non-business hours, those accounts would be activated before 12 pm on the next business day.

Now with an activation time of just 1 hour we have reduced our activation time by 98.6%! Our team is going the extra mile to make sure that merchants can get onboarded and get started immediately. This is not going to be an easy task for us. However, we like this challenge because, end of the day, we are taking part in a grand move that the entire nation is participating in.

There are no special links or codes to avail Express Activation. Just click here to sign up for a new Razorpay account. We will activate your account within 1 business hour after you submit your KYC documents. If you have any questions regarding Express Activation, you can get in touch with us at express@razorpay.com.

†: Business Hours: 10 am to 6pm, Monday to Friday

Express Activation Ends on November 30th 2016

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    Harshil Mathur
    Author Harshil Mathur

    Harshil Mathur is the CEO and Co-founder of Razorpay. A mechanical engineer by degree and coder by passion, Harshil also likes to practice Karate in his free time.

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