In today’s hyperconnected world, consumers crave seamless and effortless payment experiences across all devices. Today’s consumers demand payment convenience, personalized rewards, and easy redemption of loyalty points as integral components of their shopping experiences. Recognizing these evolving needs,

Razorpay introduces Wallet as a Service.

With a remarkable 70% reduction in back-office operation costs and approximately 15% growth in customer lifetime value through personalized offers tailored to individual preferences, our Wallet is the ultimate solution for your business. 

Serving as a unified platform for all growth-related needs, this solution under Razorpay Engage simplifies customers’ shopping and payment experiences by providing effortless ways to load funds. By seamlessly integrating loyalty programs into the payment process, Razorpay Wallet not only enhances customer satisfaction but also drives revenue growth and operational efficiency.

In short, it’s all you need to enhance customer loyalty and streamline digital payments!  


Overcoming Business Hurdles: Discounting Dilemmas, Resource Drain and Poor Reward Experience

In the fast-paced landscape of commerce, businesses could grapple with a multitude of challenges. Some of these challenges are:

  • Excessive reliance on discounting: When a business notes that a customer has been inactive or not shopped for a while, they’re tempted to offer the customer a discount. However, this tends to train the consumer to buy only during a discount sale and not become a loyal customer. 
  • Disjointed online and offline experiences: It is difficult to maintain cohesive customer experiences across various channels due to the fragmentation of reward programs between online and offline platforms. It’s bad for business because it diminishes customer satisfaction and loyalty, potentially leading to decreased sales and brand reputation.
  • Resource drain on reconciliation and reporting: Managing and reconciling transactions across multiple channels can be time-consuming and resource-intensive, diverting valuable resources from core business activities. Businesses could end up spending more time tracking their programs and campaigns than actually marketing.

Bridge these Gaps with Razorpay Wallet as a Service 

Razorpay Wallet as a Service is an all-encompassing solution designed to tackle the challenges businesses face, offering seamless omnichannel acceptance across web, app, and POS systems. Manage cash and reward points effortlessly with flexible issuing workflows, while enjoying compatibility with Razorpay Checkout and Shopify API. 

Empower your customers to return time and again with our streamlined shopping and digital payment experience, offering effortless wallet-loading options. With our Wallets as a Service product, you can offer refunds, discounts, rewards, cashback, and gift cards all in one wallet. Easily create custom offers in just minutes, tailoring promotions to suit your unique business needs and customer preferences

All metrics in check with Razorpay Wallet as a Service

Cost savings: By reducing reliance on discounting and streamlining payment processes, businesses can achieve significant cost savings while maintaining profitability.

Increased customer lifetime value (LTV): By fostering customer loyalty and engagement through personalized rewards programs, businesses can increase customer LTV and drive sustainable growth.

Reduced customer acquisition cost (CAC): By retaining existing customers and attracting new ones through targeted rewards and incentives, businesses can lower their overall CAC and improve ROI.

The unique edge of Razorpay Wallet as a Service

Razorpay Wallet as a Service offers a range of features designed to enhance customer loyalty and streamline payment processes, including:

Customized redemption rules: Businesses can tailor redemption rules to suit their specific requirements, ensuring a personalized experience for each customer.

Custom templates: Razorpay Loyalty Wallet provides customizable templates for rewards programs, allowing businesses to create unique offers and incentives.

Omnichannel integration: With seamless integration across online and offline channels, Razorpay Loyalty Wallet ensures a consistent and cohesive shopping experience for customers.

Automated workflows: Razorpay Loyalty Wallet automates key processes such as reward distribution and redemption, saving time and resources for businesses. Furthermore, enjoy automatic reconciliation and settlement for hassle-free financial management.

PPI Wallets: Razorpay Loyalty Wallet supports integration with various PPI wallets, allowing customers to easily load funds and make payments.

At FnP, we’re dedicated to making every customer interaction count. We realized personalization was key here. But we wanted to avoid operational burdens. So, we chose Razorpay. Engage became our one-stop solution, offering a multi-balance cash and reward system perfectly tailored to our customers. Instant refunds (can we say ‘in the wallet’) and targeted marketing campaigns helped us amp up our customer retention. Bulk credit management was a breeze with their intuitive dashboard. Razorpay’s holistic solution has helped us manage rewards, boost engagement and retention seamlessly.
– Chirantan Sharma, Head Product Management, FnP


To sum up, Razorpay Loyalty Wallet offers your business a compelling solution for enhancing customer loyalty and streamlining digital payments. By tackling critical challenges such as excessive discounting and disjointed customer experiences, our platform enables you to realize cost savings, boost customer lifetime value (LTV), and lower customer acquisition costs (CAC). With its robust features and seamless integration capabilities, Razorpay Loyalty Wallet empowers your business to provide personalized rewards and incentives, fostering long-term customer loyalty and sustainable growth.


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