With over a third of all financial transactions in India occurring online, and digital transactions being all set to surpass cash usage by 2026, 2024 can safely be said to be the financial era of post-digitization. The speed and convenience of online payments are undeniable, yet their lurking threats demand urgent attention. 

As we shift from cash to digital, challenges like card fraud, unauthorized transactions, identity theft, and data breaches emerge. Safeguarding your business’s digital security is now imperative as  the stakes for your business are high. To stay ahead of the curve, it’s essential to fortify your digital defenses. 

As a bank allowing card transactions for online payments, you want to be vigilant when your cardholders try to make a purchase online. Not only is it crucial that you verify their identity to prevent fraudulent activity, but it is also important to remain compliant with Reserve Bank of India guidelines around online card payments. 

That’s exactly where Razorpay Authentication Control Server (ACS) steps in. A cutting-edge tool that powers your 3DS (3 Domain Secure) pages and renders OTP checks, Razorpay ACS is more than a verification tool. Furthermore, processing ~1000 transaction/sec, Razorpay ACS is the perfect mechanism to scale your growing businesses.


Razorpay ACS: Your Digital Fortress

Razorpay ACS allows you to verify your cardholder’s identity in real-time using the Multi-Factor Authentication process and lets you know that your transactions are safe. Not only that, it increases transaction success rates to ensure that your cardholders have a seamless online payment experience. 

With optimized card transactions, you can assure that your customers choose you every time they make an online card payment. At its core, Razorpay ACS seamlessly integrates with your payment gateway and ensures that only authorized individuals gain go through with transactions, preventing defrauding activities.

Apart from that, issuing banks can unlock a world of possibilities that make payments easier than ever for the end users, with Razorpay ACS. Let’s delve into it:

Nifty add-ons your customers will love:

  • Card Activation on OTP Page: With banks losing as high as 270 Cr every month due to card activation errors, increasing card activation and transaction success is critical. . Razorpay ACS has embedded within it a revolutionary feature that allows your customers to activate their card on the ACS page, all in one single click.

Enable card controls in a single click…

Razorpay ACS

  • EMI options: In the post-pandemic Indian market, the transactional volume of EMIs has increased by 220%. Despite that, more than one-fifth of high-intent customers are unaware of available EMI options. Recognizing these trends is crucial for businesses, urging them to adapt by integrating appropriate features. Addressing the issue of payment failures, optimizing card control configurations and introducing EMI options on OTP page could potentially reduce such occurrences by up to 10%.

Increase Average Order Value and Card Spends by allowing payment conversion to EMI…

Razorpay ACS

  • Rewards Redemption on OTP page: One notable feature of Razorpay ACS is the ability to redeem rewards directly on the OTP page. This is similar to receiving special perks and discounts as a privileged member of an elite club, enhancing your overall transaction experience. The process is not only secure but also brings an element of excitement to your customers’ purchases.

How Razorpay ACS helps banks

Now that we’ve discussed the perks your customers will get, let’s get into the benefits you stand to gain from Razorpay ACS:

  • 3x Faster Integration: On an average, it takes around 3-4 months to integrate an ACS page into a bank’s payment gateway. However, with Razorpay ACS the whole process takes only around 3-4 weeks, making it 3 times faster than other ACSs. 
  • Risk-Based Authentication: Razorpay ACS employs a Fraud Risk Management (FRM) system within the authentication layer to dynamically assess the risk associated with each transaction. By analyzing various parameters such as transaction amount, user behavior, and device information, the system adapts its authentication requirements. This ensures a seamless user experience for low-risk transactions while applying stricter measures for higher-risk activities.
  • 1000~ transaction authentications per second: Razorpay has got you covered when heavy traffic hits your ACS. With its real-time transaction monitoring, Razorpay ACS can support as high as 1000 transactions per second. To put that into perspective, a massive sale day such as Big Billion Day on Flipkart sees only up to 600 transactions per second.
    Razorpay ACS
  • Increase Authentication Success Rates by 5%: Razorpay ACS’s seamless and scalable server -to-server integration with payment aggregators ensures a 5% increase in success rates. This means that the adaptable and smooth integration of systems leads to a higher percentage of successful transactions, contributing to overall efficiency and reliability.
    • Smart OTP: Razorpay ACS leverages multi-factor authentication to enhance security. This involves combining authentication factors such as passwords, biometrics, face recognition, or one-time passwords (OTPs) to verify the user’s identity. 
      • Intelligent Delivery: Apart from that, it uses alternate delivery channels such as Whatsapp, Push IVR, and e-mail to route the authentication request from the channel that ensures the highest success rate, mitigating payment failure and ensuring availability 99.95% of the time.
      • Intuitive Dashboard: Razorpay ACS’s intuitive dashboard lets you keep an eye on analytics and provides you comprehensive reports about how your payment processes are performing, the reasons behind downtimes, success rates of transactions, etc.
        Razorpay ACS

        Wrapping it up

        Just as a meticulously curated guest list ensures a memorable and exclusive experience, Razorpay ACS serves as the gatekeeper of secure online transactions, safeguarding businesses and customers alike in an increasingly interconnected digital universe. 

        So, the next time your customers embark on an online shopping spree, rest assured that Razorpay ACS is working tirelessly behind the scenes.

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