Last year we noticed something. We noticed an India that wasn’t just living for today but preparing for its future. An India that was spending wisely and one which was keen on securing its future. Be it our finances, our health or our education we’ve invested in all of them wisely. 

Last year we saw a mature India, investing in itself. 

In “Wealth, Wellness and Wanderlust” we took a close look at how India spent its money in the past financial year (2023-24)

FY24 was the year where we invested in our future without compromising on the little joys of the present. We struck a fine balance between long-term pragmatism and indulging ourselves in some time-tested delights. 

And, there were a few days that stood out and really got us thinking – 5 to be exact. Curious what those five days were or how we spent our money on those days?

Well, check out the full report to uncover some mind boggling insights on how we lived our lives and spent our money last year. 

Note: All findings in this report are based on transactions held on the Razorpay platform between April 2023 and March 2024. Growth percentages are a comparison between FY24 and FY23 (unless specified otherwise).

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