In the world of online cross-border commerce, managing payments efficiently is crucial for merchants, especially when dealing with international transactions. However, one common pain point faced by merchants is the lack of visibility into sender details for export payments within their payment information. This absence of sender information can lead to confusion and inefficiencies in reconciling payments with invoices, ultimately impacting the overall workflow of export transactions.

Current Challenge: Lack of Sender Details

Currently, when export payments are showcased to merchants, sender details are often missing. This lack of visibility stems from the fact that the necessary information is not consistently provided by payment gateways for all transactions.

Furthermore, the time gap between a customer initiating the transfer and the merchant receiving the funds worsens the problem. Merchants frequently lack knowledge of the payment amount when it’s sent, making it challenging to match payments with specific invoices, as required by regulations governing export transactions. 

Introducing Sender Details on MoneySaver Export : A one-click solution

To address the challenge of lacking sender details in export payments, Razorpay introduces a user-friendly solution:

  • Clear Visibility: Merchants will now see sender names and countries alongside each export payment on their dashboard, providing them with essential information at a glance.
  • Easy Access: A simple “Click Here” button will be available for each payment, making it effortless for merchants to access sender details under the Upload Invoices section in Transactions.


Transforming Payment Workflow in MoneySaver Export

With the introduction of sender details for export payments, Razorpay delivers tangible benefits to merchants:

  • Improved Clarity: Merchants gain better context and visibility into incoming export payments, reducing confusion and streamlining their workflow.
  • Efficient Reconciliation: With sender details readily available, merchants can easily match payments to invoices, ensuring accurate accounting and compliance.
  • Enhanced Compliance: By facilitating the matching of invoices to foreign receipts, the solution helps merchants remain compliant with regulatory requirements.
  • Convenient Reminders: Payment reminder emails will now include sender information, making it easier for merchants to keep track of pending payments.
  • Time-Saving: Manual efforts to obtain sender information are eliminated, saving both merchants and the business team valuable time and resources.

In conclusion, if you’re an export business seeking to streamline your payment reconciliation process and enhance compliance with regulatory requirements, now is the time to take advantage of Razorpay’s solution. By displaying sender details for export payments, we’re committed to providing you with the clarity and efficiency you need to manage your transactions seamlessly. Open your MoneySaver Account today and experience the benefits of simplified export payments with Razorpay.


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