Dusjet, a leading provider of digital tools for rural and suburban businesses in India, recently leveraged Razorpay Line of Credit to fuel their marketing campaigns for a successful product launch.

This case study examines how Dusjet effectively utilised the financial solution to generate awareness, build brand recognition, and drive customer engagement, ultimately contributing to the overall success of their new product.

About Dusjet:

Dusjet empowers rural and suburban businesses in India with a comprehensive suite of digital tools. The company takes pride in being an integral part of this burgeoning community. Their products & services include:

  • Inventory management: Dusjet enables businesses to accurately track their stock levels and reduce the risk of stock outs or overstocking.
  • Wholesale purchases: The company enables purchase of goods in bulk quantities for resale purposes. They give product specifications, warranties, and any other relevant information before businesses make a purchase.
  • Logistic solutions: Dusjet provides a platform for wholesale buyers to place orders online and have them delivered directly to their business location.

The platform caters to various stakeholders such as homemakers, rural talent, local product sourcing, and packaging. The company strives to facilitate easy access and seamless purchasing of local products and services for businesses.


Dusjet’s primary goal was to run marketing campaigns for a new product launch. They wanted to create a strong multi-channel approach that would effectively reach their target audience.


  • Cash flow issues restricted Dusjet’s ability to allocate sufficient funds to their marketing efforts
  • Relying on the traditional banking route for funds proved to be cumbersome


Dusjet turned to Razorpay Line of Credit for a swift funding solution. The financial solution enabled Dusjet to have the necessary funds readily available, allowing them to allocate and adjust their marketing budget as per the evolving needs of their campaigns.



Sooraj Naik, the founder of Dusjet, expressed confidence in the positive results achieved through their marketing efforts.

The campaigns generated significant engagement, contributing to the overall success of the new product launch.

The brand recognition and customer engagement fostered by the marketing campaign positioned Dusjet as a trusted partner for rural and suburban businesses in India.

Dusjet * Razorpay Line of Credit Case Study

To sum up…

Razorpay Line of Credit emerged as a transformative solution for Dusjet, addressing their need for working capital and streamlining their financial operations.

By providing swift access to funds, seamless integration with their existing processes, and tangible impact on their business growth, Razorpay Line of Credit played a crucial role in Dusjet’s journey towards achieving their vision of becoming a leading player in the industry.


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